Life Stories

To the Street Family:

James Street passed away on my 54th birthday. He was my first hero in sports (imagine a Canadian having a college football player from Texas as his first sports icon!) and he alone made me into a life long UT fan.

I vividly remember watching the Game of the Century and recall with special fondness how his performance that day made me feel and the emotions it spurred inside me. I am truly grateful to have been able to witness his exceptional leadership, fortitude and grace under pressure that memorable afternoon. It instilled a love of sports inside of me that continues to this day.

More importantly, his virtues are constant reminders to me of how a man should live his life and I try to keep those in mind on a daily basis in dealing with my students.

I've never forgotten the role that James Street played in my life, albeit at a great distance and completely unknown to him. I will always remember him.

My most sincere condolences to all of you and thank you.


Michael Wolfe
Stanstead College
Stanstead, Quebec

My dad took my family to our first Texas/OU football game in 1962 and I was 9. We lived in Amarillo. My brother went to Texas and he and his roommate were at the '69 Arkansas game. I was watching the game in Amarillo, and with tv back then, it wasn't well run. After an ad, the game came back on and Street was running for a touchdown!! I never met him but I cried when my brother emailed me the news that "our hero, James Street had died."

My sincere condolences to the Street family and friends. I'm sure there were many in their hometowns who loved James, even if we never met him. God bless you James and all of your family. With such admiration and sadness, your far away admirer, Frances Collins of Amarillo.