Condolence & Memory Journal

I was somewhat surprised last week when I saw that JAMES had passed. While we never met our past crossed in several ways. I was a student @ THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE while he was @ TEXAS.I RECALL WATCHING THE TEXAS v. ARKANSAS game (1969) in the dorm and the 15-14 WIN which sealed the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

The next year TENNESSEE lost to TEXAS 36-13 and won another Championship. It was later, 1998 -2002 that my son attended TEXAS and we got to see his son Houston Street play Baseball and go on to get drafted by OAKLAND.
As a family TEXAS is one of our favorite universities to root for and we travel to see them play. We will miss JAMES STREET as he is truly a LONGHORN LEGEND !!

Posted by HARVEY PARKER - ATLANTA, GA   September 04, 2019

Living in a small town in Texas that Interstate 35 passed by I remember the
cold wet day before the Big Shootout.
As a Longhorn fan I wanted to be traveling
north with everyone.
I did watch the game the next day on TV.
Thank you James Street #16, players, coaches, and everyone.
You gave me memories I'll never forget.

Posted by George Christian - Hillsboro, TX   May 29, 2017


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   November 12, 2016

Still have fond memories of James from growing up in Longview and at UT

Posted by Reavis Cornett - Austin, TX - Friend   September 29, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting James and his Wife Janie at a UT baseball game at Rice in 2005. He was so gracious and was more interested in asking me questions so he could get to know me. I was very impressed with his humbleness & kindness. I did get to talk with him again briefly at Rice a year later.

He was everything people said he was. A true Gentleman, and a person that easily inspired others. I'm thankful I had a chance to meet him.

Posted by Jody Knowles - Baytown, TX   September 27, 2016

I grew up in the neighboring town of Greggton, now a part of Longview. There was hardly a time that James was not mentioned as a stellar athlete in baseball and football. I also had the privilege of serving in the National Guard with James some time later. He was revered and admired by people of all ages. Growing up we all wanted to be like James. He will be truly missed.

Posted by Henry Carter - Greggton, TX   August 18, 2016

Posted by Henry Carter - Greggton, TX   August 18, 2016

I am so sorry to learn at this extremely late date of James' passing. Though I only met and knew Him for a short time in my insurance career, I considered him a good friend. In the 1980's we shared time together laughing as he shared stories of he and Mick and he and my hometown boy, Bill B. One time, James, or as we called, Street, Street and I went out to watch the Olympic Equestrian trials at the Kentucky Horse Farm outside of Lexington. Not quite understanding how the trials worked, we picked a spot and waited for the horses to coming through in a group. Didn't happen! After a long waiting period a single horse came loping by, jumps a fence and goes over the hill. We thought, man that one is way ahead of the field. A few minutes later another horse lopes by, jumps the fence and goes over the hill. Street looks at me and says, "this is about a much fun as watching a haircut. Ready to go?" Yep, I said. Street, as you well know, was a friend to anyone he met. I'm glad I could call James my friend, too. He loved his family. That was very evident as he spoke of his family. God bless you.

Posted by Harold Campbell - Palestine, TX - Friend   February 14, 2016

I guess we all thought James would live forever. He was the "rock" back in the days of grade school, jr. high and high school. We new James would give 110% at whatever event we were competing be in baseball, basketball, track, football you name it. Each team member felt that James would somehow get us out of the hole we were in and win the game.
It just so happens that was the case most of the time. I played all those sports with James and sometimes against him when I moved to Tyler my sophomore year in high school. We were team mates in baseball in Longview and won championships together. He was an inspiration to me and others on the team. I was a pitcher as well and we made a great combination for many playoffs in those days.
I met James in Longview in the 7th grade at Foster Jr. High. I had just moved to Longview after a break up in my family and lived with my grandparents. I had played sports in Texarkana and tried out for the teams at Foster. James was one of the first guys to welcome me and were friends throughout his life. When I moved to Tyler we played against each other and had some close games of which some were championship games. At John Tyler I would tell my team mates James was tough and he'd never give up. We were lucky to beat Longview on one occasion in basketball.
I had an older brother, David, who was a great pitcher and a few years older than me. He liked James and nicknamed him "slick". It stuck with him all his life. My brother drowned in 1966, my senior year, and James came to the funeral home to pay his respects. It was a great loss to me. I'll never forgot that gesture

Posted by Patrick Odom - Tyler, TX - friend   September 27, 2015

I will always remember the exciting, amazing plays of James Street when he was Quarterback and Coach Royal.also a legend in his own right.
Wonder of they will be discussing the next big play in Heaven.
I'd like to think so.
Much love and much respect to the family of the man who gave us his best on the football gridiron and who deserved to be remembered on the Forty Acres forever.
God bless you all.

Posted by Maria Lopez - San Antonio, TX - Fan   March 10, 2014

I was eleven, saw Richard Nixon sit across the stadium from me at the 40 yard line. I carry that with me today, but what I carry most and foremost is that James Street beat my Razorbacks that day! I cried, for days, but everyday since I have appreciated and thought what a young man and competitor James Street was and what his heart was made of. I have respected him and who he is from that day forward! I watched him play his heart out to beat us! From his run to his pass to phachel, which was perfect! I never held a grudge to James Street from that day, but admired him so much as a human being and a true heart competitor! If his heart gave out, I am so sorry to his wife, and five boys, but he gave so much of it, God Blessed him early, which he deserves! I was disappointed I did not see more of his leaving us on tv than there was! James Street, you beat my Hogs in the game of the Century, but you were someone I always wished I was! Even if for Texas!

Posted by Curtis R. Campbell - Fayetteville   November 08, 2013

I was in the eighth when I saw James play at the old Lobo stadium he was my hero from then on.Few people know this but it was James that stopped the high school policy of giving a letter jacket every time you lettered.From '67 onward one jacket per year regardless of letters you earned that year.James earned 12 letter jackets from sen.years.4 each year for football,basketball,track & baseball.A very gifted athlete!May God bless James Street and family,Bob Gilchrist LHS'70

Posted by A friend   October 31, 2013

My sincere condolences to the entire family. I spent many summers and holidays at my grandparents, neighbors of the Street family. The Street children and I attended movies, played croquet and just hung out together. I ama so sorry for this loss. May the wonderful memories of James sustain the whole family.
Virgiinia Butter Fields

Posted by Virginia Butter Fields - Fairview, TX   October 10, 2013

God bless you all for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time and we know that God is with each of you. And, know how blessed we all are (family and friends) to have so many fond and fun filled memories to hold dear and share.

Posted by Ann and James Mowery - Henderson, TX   October 09, 2013

God's Promise
God never promised a life without pain,
Laughter without tears or sun without rain.
But He did promise strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears and the light for the way,
And for all who believe In His Heaven above
He rewards their faith In His everlasting love.
Janie and family..
It's been years, we all stay so busy. So sorry to hear about James. You are blessed with a wonderful loving family, I pray you all can be there for one another. God Bless all of you.

Posted by Rhonda Raesz - Dripping Springs, TX   October 08, 2013

My memories of Mary and James at Judson Middle School, then later at LHS are sweet. May God be with the family and mend their broken hearts.

Posted by Jessica Roach Ferguson - Lake Charles, LA   October 08, 2013

Janie and Family.....
Some people just make a difference and James was a difference maker all along his journey here. He touched the lives and many, many people, young and old and made this world a brighter and better place. We pray that God will lift your grief swiftly and you will find strength and courage in the memories that fill the scrapbook in your heart. We send our sincerest condolences.
The Tooley Family
Ken, Kent, Kevin & Linda, Kirk & Lori, Kay (Tooley) Harty

Posted by Ken Tooley - Austin, TX - Friend   October 08, 2013

Just want to express my sincere sympathies to the Street family and friends. I was a neighbor/friend of the Street family on West Ann Street. I spent many summer hours hanging out with Sewell. I dearly loved Mrs. Street and I know she is missed as well. James and Mary were little kids then. Just know that James' mom is waiting for him. Molly

Posted by Molly Brow Dryer - Longview, TX - neighbor/friend   October 07, 2013

You will be deeply missed and may wife, children, family & friends know that you inspired many. Deepest thanks for all your courage,

Posted by Joanie Melton Sorensen Becker - Houston, TX   October 07, 2013

Janie - so sorry to hear about James. May God bless you & your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Sarah (Salinas) Spillman - San Antonio, TX   October 07, 2013

Thinking and praying for the family at this difficult time. I will always be grateful for the wonderful work James did for the Rise school of Austin. Thank you for the support you showed our children. May the golf tournament continue on in your honor.

Posted by Greg and Sally Steiner - Dripping Springs, TX   October 07, 2013

James Street Family
I wish to express my condolences for your loss. Although i only knew James his senior year in high school, I was fortunate to be his high school baseball coach that year. Not only was James an outstanding athlete; but more importantly, he was an outstanding person. Although he will be missed very much, he has left many happy memories that cannot be taken away. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Eddie G. Cannon - Longview, TX - Baseball Coach Longview HS   October 07, 2013

one of the greats of Texas longhorn football has left us. he certainly made a name for himself playing for a legendary coach in Darrel Royal. He certainly was a gentleman both on and off the field. may our dear lord grant his family peace and comfort during this sad time. rest in peace Jim and thank you for your outstanding career

Posted by victor checketts - salt lake city, UT   October 07, 2013


Posted by grateful 4urwork    October 06, 2013

I have remembered James for some 40+ years due to one reason-he was the only person in LHS that I remember who made those of us fell welcomed who entered our senior year from Judson due to a consoldiation.James went our of his way to welcome us and made a lasting impression on me. Later while at Texas Tech, I remember James coming to the fence behind the ut bench and saying hello and talking about our short time together at LHS. Later he asked me to join him in the locker room at ut after a Tech/ut game.I cannot say enough about how great those monents made me feel for so many years. He was a true gentleman and will be missed.

Posted by Dean Stalcup - San Diego, CA   October 06, 2013

To James Street's family -
What a wonderful husband, & father James was I am certain - because he was a great young man, friend and athlete when we lived in Longview.
He was in my brothers grade and played football with Gary, my brother. However he was on JV when my ex-husband,Charlie Tyner, (now passed away)played for Longview Jr. High & High School and was a team mate.
We called James Jimmy back then - my family cared for Jimmy allot.
We were shocked to learn of his passing. We send our prayers and hope for your peace and comfort. He will be missed

Posted by Francie Marchione Willis - Houston, TX   October 06, 2013

On Saturday, December 7, 1969, while I worked at Sterlings Jewelry on NW Hwy, a microcosm of that game of the century was being created. Very few rings or watches were being bought let alone sold . . . everyone's attention was focused there in the Ozarks. We cheered & shared your joy!
James, you led the team as you always did . . .
yet your presence then is the same as it will always be represented by
how you conducted yourself.
We all will miss you, we'll join you soon; thank you for being there for all that needed you in their lives.

You continue to bless us

from an honored Longhorn

Posted by Dan R. Hall - Dallas, TX - Longhorn   October 06, 2013

God bless you and your family at such a difficult time. James
was a legend and a good friend. Our prayers are with. I will
always cherish the good times and true character of the person,
not just the athlete. Our hearts are all saddened from James'
parting but enriched by having known him. David & Jane Fender
Tyler, UT 69' -70'

Posted by David Fender - Tyler, TX   October 05, 2013

Any aspiring athlete who grew up in Longview in the 60's like I did considered James a role model. When he and some teammates made a victory lap after the Cotton Bowl win over Norte Dame in the spring of 1970, he was introduced by Coach Don Holley at an assembly at Longview High School. Coach Holley recounted how James had lettered in 4 sports all 3 years in high school. The coach jokingly lamented that James didn't play golf or tennis. The fact was that James could've been successful in anything he put his mind to. My grandmother and his Mother, Helen worked together at Riff's in Longview. I got his hand-me-down clothes since he didn't have any younger brothers and I didn't have any. More than an athlete, James moved past being a football star and became a productive citizen whose positive influence extended beyond the playing field. He made the most of his opportunities. RIP Slick. My heartfelt sympathy to Sewell, Mary, Janie, and the boys. He was one of the good guys, gone too soon.

Posted by Bob Satterwhite - Austin, TX - fan   October 05, 2013

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Steven Dillon - Charlottesville, VA - UT student with James(knew him)   October 05, 2013

James will be missed. He was a wonderful father and a great example of what a father should be. Rusty & Judy Asaff

Posted by Rusty & Judy Asaff - Marshall, TX   October 05, 2013

James Street has always been one of my heros.
I knew DKR couldn't be too far from him very long.
And ya know FS is just waitin' for the opportunity to see him.
I just know it.
One of the true greats.

Posted by Michael Whitworth - Austin, TX   October 05, 2013

Janie and Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers. James was a wonderful man and will be missed.

Posted by Jim, Sherry, Will & Brent Conrad - Austin, TX   October 04, 2013

My condolences to the family. You were a true friend to both my brother Bill and myself. While you are up there tell twin brother Bill "hello" and I miss him. God Bless. Ted Nagel

Posted by LeRoy "Ted" Nagel - Austin, TX - friend   October 04, 2013

May God bless James Street and his family and Mary and her family! Travis street, Mary, Helen, and the black bute. What memories. Thanks! May God Bless!

Posted by Carl Cooper LHS '66 - Bryan, TX   October 04, 2013

My prayers are with the family. I remember how great James was in all sports and I was glad that at Texas University he proved how great he was.

Posted by Lee Ray Matthews - Georgetown, TX - friend from Longview High School   October 04, 2013


Juston and Family,

We wish to extend our condolences for your father's untimely death. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God be with you during this difficult time.

Posted by Peggy Thomas - Amarillo, TX - Friend,Business Assoc. of Juston   October 04, 2013

In their early years, the Street family's backyard connected to ours. We have fond memories of after school snacks, television watching and playing at the house. My Mother was always busy altering ball uniforms for James and loved every minute of it. I married one of James and Mary's high school classmates, Jim Holley, and enjoyed getting to visit with them at the reunions. James was a wonderful man in many, many ways. He will be missed by all. All our best and prayers are with his family.

Jim and Ginger Messick Holly and Helen Messick

Posted by Ginger Messick Holley - Kilgore, TX - Friend   October 04, 2013

our family wishes to send our deepest condolences in the loss of james. you are such a wonderful family and we enjoyed you during football years with our kids at Westlake. of course my dad thought James was the greatest thing ever when I was a kid and he was playing for Texas. be proud of his legacy.

Posted by cathy hill, ty hill, colt clements and chase clements - austin, TX - westlake years   October 04, 2013

So long Slick. We will miss you. We were there, for the "Big Shoot-out". We Longhorn fans will never forget you. Best wishes to Houston, and the rest of the family. Bonnie Gae & Bill Haight. Hook 'Em

Posted by william H. Haight - san Antonie, TX   October 04, 2013

To the Streets,

James did it all. He went way too early, and he had more love to share and more goals to accomplish. Yet, I don't think that James forgot to do anything that he needed or wanted to do. His life story is rich and colorful, and it is an inspiration to everyone, not just the "great ones" among us. As a trial lawyer, I will never forget the commitment that he and his associates made to the Texas Trial Lawyers Association members and their clients.

What a great family James enjoyed. James knew that there was really nothing more precious than teh family who loved him. And, they loved James. We are never ready for these moments, but James left us well before WE were ready. Way before....

James, you did well.

Sam and Delilah Boyd
Dallas, Texas

Posted by Sam and Delilah Boyd - Dallas, TX - business associate, friend   October 04, 2013

The world will miss James Street. He was well liked and very respected. The world could use many, many more like him. God Bless.

Posted by A friend   October 04, 2013

Now I have another angel to call on when UT is in a crunch. 3 cheerleaders (my son being one), 2 coaches (Royal & Landry), Cole Pittman & now a new angel, James Street. RIP James. You've earned it. You'll be missed but your memory will be kept alive. Prayers are with your family & we know this world was a better place while you were passing through.

Posted by Carol Binford - Austin, TX   October 04, 2013

"James Street stood for gritty determination and hard work, with the heart of a champion. As a student at UT when James was quarterbacking the team, I thank him for the great memories he helped to create."

Posted by Randy Schultz - Los Angeles, CA   October 04, 2013


Coach Royal needed a quarterback in heaven to assemble his championship team and the only choice was James Street. James was a winner in everything he did and will be greatly missed by all. My deepest condolences go out the Street family.

Posted by Janet Graham - San Antonio, TX - Longhorn Fan   October 04, 2013

1969 was my freshman year at UT. James Street was highly respected, admired, and loved. His passing comes way too soon. Saying prayers for his extended family.

Posted by Gary Touchton - Cypress, TX   October 04, 2013

When he smiled the room lit up. Loving husband and father, faithful friend and neighbor, superior athlete. Now that light has dimmed and only an orange glow remains, but we will always remember that brilliant smile that shown so brightly .
We love you all,
Geralyn & Harry Vine

Posted by Harry Vine - Orange, TX   October 04, 2013

I was so sad to hear James had been taken away from us. I had the pleasure of working for James at ESP and James Street Insurance. He was one of a kind. There is nothing James couldn't do - he was the most gifted person I have ever met. He had a wonderful heart and was always ready to help. I have not seen James, Janie, or the children in years but have always kept them in a special place in my heart. They are people you will never forget. Texas has truly lost a legend too early. Janie, I am so sad for you and the children. Just remember he will be looking down and helping all of you through this sad time. God had a special need in heaven for taking James away from all of us too soon! God bless you all.

Posted by Dee Meuth - Rosenberg, TX   October 04, 2013

You will always be one of my heros, James Street. My first year in Austin, as a 10-11 yr old, was one of my best! My blood turned burnt orange and I became a life-long Longhorn fan. The Great Shootout of '69 will forever be ingrained in my heart and soul. Thank you James, Coach Royal and the '69 Texas Longhorns for that very special memory.
You have now made first string, James. Coach Royal has a new playbook and is waiting to put you into the greatest game you will ever play.
My deepest condolences to you, Janie. You and your beautiful family were so blessed with such a wonderful man, a loving husband and father and a dear friend to hundreds, if not thousands.
God bless you. Cherish the precious memories...

Posted by Mel Hutzler - Austin, TX   October 04, 2013

James was an icon among many great UT athletes and made Longhorns everywhere so very proud. His heroics during the 1969 National Championship football season have spoken for themselves for 44 years and will never be forgotten. A fine person and family man, his loss is great. He made a real difference to so many. May God bless James' eternal soul and give comfort to his family. RIP, no. 16. You were a true leader and role model, young man.

Posted by Ken Randall - Centennial, CO   October 04, 2013

Dear Janie, Mary, Sewell, and the Street family,
My father, Fred Cook, and I are very saddened to hear the news of James' passing. James was quite an AMAZING man who has positively touched so many lives throughout the years. He has been a gift to all of us and a part of our family.
Although, you may not remember me, your mother, Mrs. Street, was very close friends with my grandmother, Alleyene Cook Davidson. Our families lived across the street from each other in Longview. In fact, Mary and James often babysat me. Although I was quite small, I do remember the fun I had with them. So, we have many fond memories of sharing life's journey together.
Our thoughts, love, and prayers are with all of you during this very difficult time.
James is now with the angels and will forever be in our hearts.
Marisa Cook Hurst

Posted by Marisa Cook Hurst - Spring, TX   October 04, 2013

A leader in every sense of the word -determination, character and goodwill defined him. James was an extraordinary
human being and we are all better for the time he spent on this earth. God Bless his memory and his wonderful family.

Posted by Martin W. Dies - Austin, TX   October 04, 2013

I was a senior at William B. Travis High School and working at Green Pastures when James Street and the Longhorn team played Arkansas. James Street was one heck of a quarterback and his days and years forward will be remembered forever with our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this very sad time. James is now with Our Lord with my Dad and so many others. James, when you see my Dad be sure to give him my love and hugs and kisses. Also, the two of you together can do the "HOOK 'EM HORNS!" We love you and both of you will be truly missed!

With Sympathy, Carolyn Macha Trott, Green Valley, AZ

Posted by A friend   October 04, 2013

As a student at LHS, James exhibited the qualities even then that made him a most outstanding human being. We all knew how extremely gifted he was, but he never flaunted his gifts. His kindness and empathy for others was always in the forefront. He came from humble beginnings, and worked hard for his family even as a teen. Also, he had one of the most eloquent singing voices in our concert choir. I have fond memories of James, Mary, and their mom, in our small east Texas community. My heartfelt prayers go out to his Janie and the boys, Mary and Sewell and their families. He is missed, but not gone from our hearts.

Posted by Jane Dees Sutherland - Cloudcroft, NM   October 04, 2013

James was a one of the best guys I ever knew. Even though I haven't had contact with him since high school, I thought of him often and was even telling a story about him to a group of guys just last week. He made an impression on my life just like he did with scores of others. My prayers and thoughts are with the Street family.

Posted by Charles Holmes - Madison, MS   October 04, 2013

I was the Limo driver for Jordan and Justin senior night graduation for Westlake and the pit boss for James' last company boat casino party on Town Lake and I knew him a little-talked to him as a student at Nighthawk on Guadalupe -I was 3 years his junior but as a UT student he made all our lives better -Bless his whole family and Longhorn Nation in his memory

Posted by Steven Dillon - Charlottesville, VA   October 04, 2013

Thanks for the memories. You came along when our state and nation really needed you. Blessings. to the Street family.

Posted by Don Stevenson - Flint, TX   October 04, 2013

He was a football legend and I'm honored to have had the privilege of meeting a true hero.

Posted by DeAnna Perry    October 04, 2013


Janie and sons,

We have lost a friend, an inspiration, and a shining star within our midst. James will live on in all our hearts and lives and now lights the heavens with that same shining star. But, he will be sorely missed, and there truly is a void here on earth.

Janie, I will never forget that infamous trip when our families explored the wonders of Toronto and Niagra Falls through the eyes of our children. How we reminisced the last time we saw each other at Galaxy Cafe!

May the love and support of family and friends carry you through this difficult time.

With my deepest sympathy,
Connie Hicks

Posted by Constance Ann Palousek Hicks (Connie) - Austin, TX - friend   October 04, 2013

I saw James Street on TV when I was in Jr High when he played in that REMARKABLE Texas Shootout against Arkansas ! He was my inspiration that day and, the icing on the cake was watching The Longhorn Band at half-time ! I was SOLD ! I went to UT and became a member of The Longhorn Band and am now a member of The Longhorn Alumni Band ! From one Longhorn to another... Thanks James ! Hook 'Em !
May The Good Lord welcome you with open arms. With all my Admiration and Respect. Danny Gonzales (LHB '72-'73)

Posted by Danny Gonzales - San Antonio, TX   October 04, 2013

My Dear Sweet Janie and Huston, Juston, Jordon and Hanson,

We are all heart broken over the loss of James. We lift you all up in prayer and ask God to wrap His arms around each of you and help carry you through this difficult time.

James was the True Measure of a Man. Humble, and always giving of himself.

You are blessed to have called him Husband and Father. He touched so many lives and will be forever missed by all.

James was the type of person you did not just meet, you experienced him. We are forever changed just knowing him.

I know his love will live on in your heart and what a legacy he leaves behind in your beautiful family. His name will live on.

His light in this world will leave a huge void and I ask God to help you all fill it with the wonderful memories of time you spent with him.

We are all here for you in anyway you may need.

God Bless and keep you,
Jon and Marci Aune, Ashley, Carson, Coy, Kaylee and Mary Catherine

Posted by Marci & Jon Aune - Austin   October 03, 2013

Janie and family,
Janie,You are in my prayers. James was my first hero. You and your family good friends. God bless you all,liz Chapman

Posted by elizabeth chapman - austin, TX   October 03, 2013

James and I knew one another through the Kristynik family and my brother, Gepe Hardy. What a loss. My husband, Vincent R. DiNino, former director of the LHB and I just spoke with him about two weeks ago. We planned to get together mid-October Hook 'Em in heaven James, you're up there with the QB of all times. We will miss you.

Posted by Timothy Sloan - Bay City, TX - friend   October 03, 2013

Aside from all his accomplishments, James was a very GOOD man. And that is what we have lost. God bless James and all his family.

Posted by Chris Crow - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

Got his autograph on my Sports Illustrated just 4 weeks ago in Little Rock. Waited 44 years to have him sign it. He was the best !

Posted by Rick Alexander - Little Rock, AR   October 03, 2013

Guys like James seem to have kind of immortal quality about them. I never thought of him being. Undersized. Thanks for being the young man who threw perhaps the most famous pass in all of NCAA history!

Posted by David Waters - Chino Valley, AL   October 03, 2013

James. No words can express what your smile meant to me as you and Janie greeted me and my young boys, often as the last to get into the church on so many Sunday mornings. No words had to be spoken. We just knowingly smiled as we sat on the window ledge among a gaggle of our collective children while they fidgeted. You will be missed! But you are so remembered! Peace, James.

Posted by Ali Gallagher - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

Sally and I were deeply saddened by James' passing. He was a great guy.
Just adding to his talents, besides football and baseball, he was a very good
golfer!! Rest in Peace James.

Posted by Doug & Sally Pendergras - Austin, TX - friend   October 03, 2013

Texas lost a football hero this week. His life influenced many young people, both on and off the field. A true Texas legend will be missed.

Posted by Greg Beall - Lake Jackson, TX   October 03, 2013

To the James Street family! I am sure that you are fully aware of just how much love and admiration so many of us had and have for this fine man!
It was my good fortune to have been the Longhorn Band Director during his time at UT. It is a sad! yet glorious time that we had Coach Royal, James and so many of those players and coaches who are no longer with us!
Blessings upon the Street family!!!!! and know that so many of us have been so enriched by his being! Even those who only knew him by reputation!
Vincent R DiNinonL3F9

Posted by Vincent R DiNino - Bay City, TX - Friend-Admierer   October 03, 2013

James Street was my favorite Longhorn Football Player of all time, but he was also one of the best examples of success and giving back to the Austin Community of any UT Athlete. He will always be remembered as a great Athlete, wonderful father and great Austin Citizen. May he rest in peace and may God give his wonderful wife and sons the faith and strength they need in the days ahead. God Bless You!

Glenda Lane

Posted by Glenda Lane - Austin - UT Athletics-native Austinite   October 03, 2013

Your football play provided so many great times and memories for me.
Thank you so much.

Posted by Jim Challstrom - Lakeway, TX - Fan   October 03, 2013


Posted by milton allen - austin, TX - friend   October 03, 2013

James was always so great to be around, such an inspiring person. Janie and boys you are in our prayers.

Posted by Larry and Tracey People's - Hutto, TX   October 03, 2013

Growing up James' family lived just a couple of blocks from my brothers & I and we all went through school with James & Mary. I am sorry for your loss Mary. James was a great all around kid and was nice to everyone and that smile will last for ever. My daughter and grandson, Austin, are Longhorn followers as myself & knew everything about James' career and we also have been following Houston's ability. James was an awesome human being. God Bless his wife and family and give them the strength they need.

Posted by Connie Bridges Ryan - Longview, TX   October 03, 2013

Mary and Sewell,

We lived next door to you on West Ann Drive in Longview when we were kids. Please accept our deepest sympathy to you both as well as his wife, Janie and family. He will forever be in our hearts along with all of our memories of you all.

Posted by Debbie Huckabee Green, Brenda Huckabee Cotton, & Ruth Huckabee H - Longview, TX - Childhood neighbors   October 03, 2013

So sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Sherry Rehfeld McColpin

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2013

Dear Janie and boys, our hearts break for your loss. You all had such a bight light in your lives with James at your side. The times our paths crossed through Westlake HS and around our community, we saw smiles and friendly conversation. James left a great impression. Hugs and love.

Posted by Mark, Victor, Sharon & Greg Kronberg - Austin, TX - acquaintances   October 03, 2013

He was my favorite quarterback. I had the obortunity to meet him twice. Once in 1970 at a book signing and again years later on a plane to Maui. I got to chat with him about his football days and congratulate him on his enshrinement in the Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame. He will be missed, my sympathies to his family.

Posted by Michael Davis - Roanoke, TX   October 03, 2013

I never had the pleasure of meeting James, but I knew of him very well through a member of his James Street family here in Pennsylvania, George Audi, who spoke glowingly of James. As President Elect of our statewide Trial Bar, I can assure you that James and his team had a profound impact on the lives of our clients and on our practices. Monies that may have been squandered were protected for families in need. We knew that we could trust James Street and George Audi implicitly to do right by our clients and by PAJ. We could not have done what we do for those we represent without James' generous financial support. Please know at this sad time that James' good will and expertise reached far beyond the Lone Star State. The Street family and firm are in our thoughts and prayers. Respectfully, Malcolm MacGregor

Posted by Malcolm MacGregor - Scranton, PA - Business Partner   October 03, 2013

My heart goes out to you Janie, and to your family. May the memories of your life together be always with you and your family.

Posted by June Stalzer - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

Dear Huston,
Just a note from a Westlake High School connection/ husband and my hearts go out to you and your family. May you find peace of mind in fond memories of your dad. God bless.
Christine and Gordon Gorychka

Posted by Christine Gorychka - Austin, TX - teacher at Westlake High School   October 03, 2013

Posted by Broken Spoke    October 03, 2013

My memories of the entire Street family in Longview--Mrs. Helen at Riff's and Mary and James as classmates in junior high and high school--are among my favorites of growing up in Longview on the "south side of town". James was always a most wonderful, caring individual plus a tremendous friend. His athletic abilities placed Longview "on the map" in the athletic arena of all four sports.

A special memory of mine occurred when I took Driver's Ed (Behind the Wheel) course during the summer; it was taught by Coach Woodall. I would practice my driving with Coach Woodall in the front seat and James in the back seat--driving James to the field house each day for his workouts. James was intense in his training from the beginning.

I have communicated with many of our classmates during the past several days and we all agree that we had such a rare opportunity of knowing a "legend and a genuine individual in James Street."

My husband Russ and I send our deepest sympathy to the entire family.

Posted by Sally Hewell Brown - Longview, TX - Longview High Class of 1966   October 03, 2013

Dear Janie and Street Family Members,
Our whole family was stunned and saddened upon hearing the sad news of James passing. James was such positive and energetic person, I just pictured us hanging around Westlake gyms and sports fields watching grandkids someday - relishing every moment as we did coaching our sons - Huston & Patrick and then Hanson & Drew.
Far beyond all those wonderful, legendary stories about James being the greatest competitor in Longhorn sports history, it was James Street - husband, father and youth sports coach - that every member of our family will forever treasure about James. Back in the day, we enjoyed James's company at countless after-church brunches over at Randal's. It was during those friendly conversations you could see was how respectful and attentive James was to you, Janie, and how calm and patient he was with his sons. Seeing James as a caring husband and father was the James Street that we most admired.
Although James was a great story teller, conversations with James were rarely about him. My young boys loved how interested James was in their school and sports' activities. I know Patrick was always excited to see Mr. Street, who would ask him about his tennis game. And when Drew was drafted to play for Coach Street in his last year of Little league, he was as thrilled as I'd ever seen him. What fun times we all shared watching our kids race down soccer fields, dribble up basketball courts and round those bases. James was a great youth sports coach - not only because he could coach, teach and inspire young people; but because he treated everyone kids, parents and officials with respect and dignity. What a pleasure it was to coach with or against James.
Please know that James and all of your family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
God Bless,
August, Patsy, Patrick and Drew Petersen

Posted by August Petersen - Westlake, TX - Friend   October 03, 2013

James I will never forget the only time I ever met you was at a book signing in Houston. You didn't know me, yet you spent an hour talking about the Wishbone T offense with me....the lead step, the adjustment step, the mesh point and all those wonderful stories about Worster. I was a wishbone quarterback in high school and I was loving every minute of our conversation. This in a small way explifies what kind of person you were. Always giving of your time. Rest in peace my friend, and tell Coach Royal hello.
Billy Wright
Houston, Texas

Posted by Billy Wright - Houston, TX   October 03, 2013

I was fortunate to be at UT when Street played. It was an exciting time...thanks for the memories, James . A good man. My thoughts & prayers are with his family.

Posted by Judy Windham Alderson - Shreveport, LA   October 03, 2013

My brother, John, and James grew up together...playing in the streets of Longview and on the baseball field. Now that they are both in heaven, I am sure old times will be rehashed over again.
Being 6 years younger, most of my brother's friends looked upon me as the little brat always trying to hang around. But James was different! He was always kind to me and never tried to get rid of me. I remember once when the boys teased him for sitting down and playing with me for a few minutes. He just laughed at them. He was a special kind. My sympathy and prayers go out to the entire family.

Posted by Ann Forster Jennings - Stafford, VA   October 03, 2013

I was a senior in high school when UT won, and I was in love with James. Fast
forward, my daughter was in love with Houston. I am so sorry for everyone.
Sarah M.

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2013

To Janie and the entire Street Family. My Dears, I am so terribly sorry for the untimely loss of James. It shocked me to the core. That emotional low, however, was replaced by a great warmth and a deep feeling of fellowship with my old UT alum from the glory days of 1969-1971.

I originally met James and you, Janie, at the old Flagon and Trencher where a lot of the players hung out to play pool and to have fun. I don't if you know this but Bill Atessis and Steve Worster and I had a house in Travis Heights during college. I was never sure if that was kosher with the NCAA or UT. They put AstroTurf in our kitchen they same time they installed it at Memorial Stadium.

I was lucky to have met and known the guys from the team. While Jimmie and I didn't get to spend much time together - except en mass at F&T, I did run in to him from time to time. He was always warm, gracious and genuinely happy to see me.

While one moment in time does not define a life, I can say that the UT-Arkansas game in 1969 was a day I will never forget. It was in the 20's in Austin. After the game, students flooded the drag going crazy. I drove with the top down on my sport car numb to the freezing weather!! The pride generated that day was priceless for hundreds of thousands of fans.

I am here as a friend to you and your family. Please know that will always be here for you all in whatever capacity I might serve you.

James is now truly completing the ultimate "Hail Mary" pass in God's kingdom.

My love to you all. John Bernardoni.

Posted by John Bernardoni - Austin, TX - friend and college at UT   October 03, 2013

Playing at the University of Texas in any sport is an honor and offers cherished memories. One of my most cherished memories was getting to meet people like James Street. James was someone that I grew up admiring as a child in South Austin. He was a class act and will be forever missed. God Bless James Street and his family.

Posted by Mike Konderla - Austin, TX - friend   October 03, 2013


It's the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you Janie and the boys will remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles. And even though it seems like you never recover from your loss, it is these memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles. Coach Royal needed a new QB and indeed summoned a loyal follower. May his spirit experience celestial peace and heavenly bliss and forever Hook Em.

Posted by Traut Kelly & David - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

My prayers and thoughts are with the entire Street family.

Posted by Billy M. Smith - Longview, TX - friend (Longview Class of '59)   October 03, 2013

James Street was a great quarterback and an even better baseball pitcher. However, I remember him as a nice guy who happened to be a great Longhorn hero. James, we will miss you. Thanks for all the great memories and sympathies to your family. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Robert Gonzales - Tucson, AZ   October 03, 2013

My heart goes out to the entire Street family for their loss of James. James Street not only was a tremendous athelete but an even better man. Number 16 should be retired at UT not only for what James did on the field but off as well.James puched his ticket to heaven a long time ago.May God Bless his family and James rest in peace never to be forgotten.

Posted by Chuck Buzan - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013


and nobody from the '69 Horns? What's missing? STREET!

Retire #16 today!

RIP James Street--you were a gamer.

Posted by Anonymous - Luckenbach, TX   October 03, 2013

Condolences to the family of James. I'm just one of the lucky human beings to have lived on earth at the same time and enjoy all the Longhorn splendor he could spread. It was wonderful.

Posted by Kathy    October 03, 2013

I grew up on Travis St., Longview, James, his sister Mary- older brother Sewell lived on Travis also, I recall sand lot football with James and his brother, both were good athletes and good guys, James went on to perfrom at a high level in sports and as a good person, he will be missed.

Posted by Richard Crawford - Longview, TX   October 03, 2013

I offer my deepest sympathies to the family of James Street. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you comfort and peace with your memories of such a special person.


Posted by Phaedra White Abbott - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

I attended LHS, class of '65! I had geometry class with James, one of my least favorite subjects! Being shy, I didn't respond well to the teacher's "challenging" method of teaching. I had to put a problem on the board one day and explain it; when the teacher began to challenge every step in the problem, I simply froze. James came to my defense and rescued me. He will always be my hero! So sorry for your loss. May you feel God's loving embrace through your sorrow.
Amanda Jane Waddell DeMunbrun, LHS class of '65

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2013

James was a friend when I didn't have many. I believe he will be a starter for the Lord . May God give the family stregth.

Posted by Robert Clack - Midland, TX   October 03, 2013

I know my dear sister was there to welcome James to Heaven - there's a crowd from Longview there to greet him! We were always so proud to say we grew up with James Street! My prayers go to his wife and sister and family. Carol Dickinson

Posted by A friend   October 03, 2013

I met James at Coach Royals 80th birthday party for the first time, even tho I was working the event he still took the time to take a picture and tell a few jokes! I also had the honor to see him on game days and for the many events he attended at UT. He was always a breath of fresh air and always ready with a smile and a hug every time we met. My sympathies to ms. Janie and the boys. R.I.P. James you were an amazing man whom I looked forward to seeing ! Hook um! Ms. Joyce, formally of the UT Club

Posted by Joyce Gordon - Austin, TX   October 03, 2013

James was a good friend growing up and playing ball together.

Posted by Bobby Grizzle - Longview, TX   October 03, 2013

I watched James throw footballs and baseballs with the kids in our neighborhood many years ago in Longview. As a young man, he was someone to idolize, even then. And what a legend Mr. Street turned out to be. May your family be blessed with peace and comfort as prayers are offered up by so many for you.

Posted by Richard Ross - Longview, TX   October 03, 2013

A rare few are legends in their own time. Fewer still deserve such. James Street and his family earned that honor.

Posted by Jim and Clare Shaw - Carson City, NV   October 03, 2013

I was very blessed to have gotten to know James in recent years. Even though my time with him was limited I was honored by every minute. The attribute that was most impressive to me was his glowing love of life, and his drive to accomplish all that he could. And what a life he did live! God Bless James, and God Bless the Street family.

Posted by Bud Brigham - Austin, TX - Friend and fellow Longhorn alum   October 03, 2013

Please know that we'll keep you close to our hearts, and in our thoughts and prayers. We were terribly saddened by James' passing. He was a great man.

Posted by Larry & Amy Slutz, Mike, Joe & Jim    October 03, 2013

One of the nicest guys I ever met. I was in the Houston Hobby airport about 2 years ago when I met the one of the men that broke my heart when I was 9 years old. I was going through security when I heard the pa announce. me James Street please return to security for a item left behind. Being a huge Razorback fan I knew there could not be another James Street in Texas. I started looking, in a moment he walked right by me to get what he had forgotten. I look at him and said You broke my heart when I was a little boy. He look and smiled with asked where are you from? I said Arkansas. I noticed as he walked away he stopped just a short way out of security. When I came through he started talking to me asking my name and I was shocked, I tried to not say much because I was sure he propably had that happen allot and I did not want to bother him. But it was very clear this guy was nothing but class. I became a big big fan of his that day. I love the photo of him and coach Royal in the 70 cotton bowl. I am proud to say I met a great man and a very nice guy. I'm glad I met him but glad it was not before Dec 6th 1969. If I had i might have been for the Longhorns that day. My team may have lost that day, but I won the day I a met James Street a super nice man

Posted by Russell Howard - Vilonia, AR - Friend   October 03, 2013

I saw this True Legend play football when I attended my first UT game when I was in junior high. I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Austin. Such a sweet memory I hold in my heart. Rest in Peace, dear James. Your memory will live on forever at the University of Texas and in our hearts. Hook 'em.

Posted by Dina D. Rodriquez - Wimberley, TX   October 03, 2013

We've lost a great one.
RIP and Hook em

Posted by anonymous - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

I was at UT for part of James' time there, and one evening I saw him at the Broken Spoke. He didn't know me from Adam, but you wouldn't have known that from the way he treated my friend and me. Classy guy!!!

Posted by Longhorn Fan - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

I am very very sorry for the early passing of a very great man. He will always be one of my favorite football heroes! My wife and I sat behind him and his wife several years ago at a TEXAS-O U game. I told James that I listened to the national championship game of 1969 game on Armed Forces Radio in Vietnam. James and his wife were so kind to talk with me during the game and thanked me for my service to our country. That is a lifetime experience I will never forget. The Eyes of Texas are upon you and your family James Street!!!

Posted by Bill Krueger - Shady Shores, TX   October 02, 2013

James Street will always be a hero to me. He and Coach Royal gave me the best football memories of my life. It was great to watch James's son Huston achieve all the things he has done at Texas and in professional baseball. James Street was not just a remarkable person and athlete; he has been a remarkable father and human being. May God comfort his family who will always have the knowledge of the love he had for them as the paramount thing in his life, and an appreciation of all the things that make him so special to his Longhorn family. This is truly a case of the good dying far too young. Pax eternum, James--you earned it through the life you led, and peace and blessings to your family in this difficult time.

Posted by Sharon De Blanc - Allen, TX   October 02, 2013

My sincerest condolences to the Street family. I emailed Mr. Street about a year ago and asked if he would sign a photo for my collection. He responded with a great action shot from the Cotton Bowl victory against Notre Dame and a letter about the National Championship season. It's something I'll always treasure. A fine man who will surely be missed.

Posted by Joe Falco - Wall, NJ   October 02, 2013

Watched The Shootout as a 12 year old. It's the first football game where i can recall being totally involved. I became an Arkansas fan that day - but my respect for James Street also started at the same time. i'm certain he made a phenomenal impact on his family and those fortunate to know him. Taken way too soon.

Posted by Don Winton - Piggott, AR   October 02, 2013

I'm SHOCKED my heart goes to you Slick was the best.

Posted by Morris Price - RICHARDSON, TX   October 02, 2013


Linda, Lavi, Seth and I were stunned and saddened to hear about your loss.At this very difficult time, may you find comfort in your family and knowing that so many people were touched and influenced by James. I know how much he will be missed by you, his family, and everyone that knew him.
Your Buckpasser neighbors
The Browns

Posted by Michael Brown - Dallas, TX - Friend   October 02, 2013

I was 11 years old when I watched James lead the Texas Longhorns to a national championship in football. He was a hero and someone who I held in awe growing up. I became an attorney and member of Texas Trial Lawyers Assn. I was walking down the hall at a seminar, and James came up to me and said, "You're Dan Perkins aren't you?". I almost fell to the ground, that he somehow took the time to know who I was.

I saw him at numerous TTLA events, and he would always sign footballs to auction off at charity events in Greenville, Texas whenever I asked. He never charged a dime, just sent a signed football at his expense. James would even personalize the football for whoever won it, if they would send it back to him.

James always cared about the underdog and was so kind. James always made everyone in the room feel comfortable, and welcome. I am honored to have known him.

Posted by Dan Perkins - Greenville, TX - Friend/TTLA member   October 02, 2013

Dance with who brung ya. Thanks for the wonderful memories Mr. Street. You are Texas football.

Posted by Chance Fulfer - Home of the Longhorn, TX   October 02, 2013

A true legend has left our midst , but burned into our hearts and minds forever....Rest in peace , hero.....

Posted by J.A. Shepard - Rosenberg, TX   October 02, 2013

It was with great sadness that I received the news of James's passing. To meet him was to like him, and to know him was to love him. His dynamic personality won me over when i first met him in 2000. His integrity and character led to an enduring friendship. James was a true example of an honorable friend, father and husband. We often talked about his love for his family and how proud he was of you all.

You have all lost a true Hero, who's greatest acts of heroism occurred after his days on the sports fields. We are all Blessed for having known him. I will choose to be grateful for the many gifts he bestowed on me and my clients. His will be sorely missed.

Godspeed J.J. until we meet again face to face in the Kingdom of Heaven, where I'm sure you'll be waiting. Please pray for us all.

Posted by Andre' F. Toce - Lafayette, LA, LA - Friend and Business Associate   October 02, 2013

Dear Street Family,
You may never know how many people James touched during his life but you must have comfort in knowing that few people touch as many lives as James. Certainly he was a well recognized football player. Few photos are more infamous in Longhorn history than that of James and Coach Royal at the Arkansas game. He was also a very well known and accomplished businessman - most every Plaintiff's lawyer in the country knows the Street name. All this is wonderful for which you all should be so proud. My little added tidbit, which is no great secret, is how he lit up a room. Everyone wanted to be around James. His smile was contagious, his kind words and corny jokes always welcomed and his heart was always in the right place. I will miss James but getting to know him was a true blessing for me. God Bless, Jeff

Posted by Jeff Weinstein - Athens, TX - Friend, Business Acquaintance   October 02, 2013

I would like to thank James Street for all the memories that he provided during his life. I only know about his sports career at UT, but I can imagine that there are many many that his friends and family will cherish forever.

I will keep his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers during the time of healing.

Posted by David Klaus - Austin, TX - fan   October 02, 2013

Long after the football acolades, we came upon James as a competitor. When we got to know him later, we met a wonderful, smart, trusting and driven man. It wasnt until i went to a UT/Nebraska game with him that i began to understand the respect and admiration he held within the hearts of many Texans. We have had the priveledge of working with him for many years, and he was indeed our friend. We are so saddened by his untimely death, and commented upon learning of it, why do the good die young? In addition to the many things already said, we will miss his smiles, singing and storytelling. He was a great person, leader, and above all else, our beloved friend.

Posted by Mark and Sherri Dickson - Denver, CO   October 02, 2013

Janie, may God bless you and your family. As a UT graduate in 1969 I never met James personally, though I know several former baseball and football teammates who spoke glowingly about James and his influence on them. May the love of all of his supporters and the peace of his being in a better place give you strength in this difficult time.

Posted by Joe Adams - McKinney, TX   October 02, 2013

RIP Mr. Street. You were my hero and I will always remember you as one of the greatest Longhorns ever. My prayers go out to the Street family. God be with you all!

Posted by Steven Bailey - Pflugerville, TX   October 02, 2013

His son Huston and wife Lacie were our neighbors during the baseball season in San Diego. Although we did not get to know him well, we came to love his sweet wife and adorable boys.

I cannot think of one interview that I ever saw of Huston where he did not speak of his father and how he meant the world to him. We are brokenhearted for this devastating news.

Huston, all of us back here in San Diego have such heavy hearts for you. Know that you are loved and in our prayers!

Ralph and Beth

Posted by Beth West - Coronado, CA - Neighbor of Huston's in San Dieg   October 02, 2013


“O Christ, give rest to the souls of Thy servants with the saints, where there is no sickness, sorrow or sighing, but everlasting life.”
Prayer for the Departed – Eastern Orthodox Church

Rev. Protodeacon & Mrs. George Haloulakos

I recall James Street as being undefeated as a starter (20-0) and culminating his college career with a come-from behind win in the Cotton Bowl over Notre Dame and winning the national title. In an era replete with legendary QBs like Roger Staubach (Navy), Gary Beban (UCLA) and Joe Namath (Alabama), it was James Street who was named #1 QB on the All-Decade Team for the 1960s [by Sports Illustrated magazine writer Dan Jenkins in his book Saturday's America] for his peerless leadership skills. Mr. Street was known as "Mr. Excalibur" as he led his team to victory in college football's centennial year of 1969. May his memory be eternal!

Posted by Rev. Protodeacon George Haloulakos - San Diego, CA   October 02, 2013

Janie, my prayers have been with you this week. God has really big shoulders and hands; may you feel His love and presence in the coming days and weeks. You were blessed with a wonderful man to walk alongside.
Sincerely, Lynn Koy McGoldrick

Posted by Lynn McGoldrick - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

To the many friends and family of James Street, your friends and colleagues in Oregon mourn with you at the loss of such a great, kind, considerate man. James has meant so much to so many. He has left this world a better place. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Posted by Beth Bernard- Oregon Trial Lawyers Association - Portland, OR - trial lawyer fan of James Street   October 02, 2013

So many knew of James as a larger than life athlete. I knew of him as a larger than life husband and Dad. Watching his sons grow up over the past 12 years I always complimented James and Janie on what an incredibly fine job they had done in raising boys any parent would be proud of. The fact that James was so bound up with his family makes his loss that much harder, but we can hope that the part of James that will always be with all of his family will bring some measure of comfort.

Posted by Ted Hayes and Bruce MacKenzie Graham - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

Good night sweet Prince,
And flights of Angeles
Sing thee to they sleep........

Gentleman Jim

Posted by James Brewer - North Hollywood, CA - Friend   October 02, 2013

Much too young in body and mind to leave us. James and I competed against each othe in high school football and track while I was a Tyler Lee Rebel, and we became friends. We worked together at John Prothro's ranch with other UT players for a couple of summers while in college. I will always remember James' laughing smile, good natured ribbing and competitive, in a good way, spirit. You will be missed, Little Lobo.

Jimmy Graham

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

So many great memories of James Street are tied to my college life. Who could ever forget the contibutions he made as an athelete and person to the University of Texas. I will never forget what James did on the baseball and football field but i will even remember him more for the great person he was. James had an infectious personality that never wavered. I never saw him when he didn't ask about how I was doing and what was going on never mentioning anything about himself. I will never forget in the seventies I was walking up the steps to Cesars Palace in Las Vegas and at the top of the steps there stoop James out of the blue. We stood there for about 30 minutes talking about football, live, Austin and many other things. James Street was one of the finest men I ever knew. He will be missed but not forgotten.

Posted by Chuck Buzan - Austin - friend   October 02, 2013

Thanks for the memories... An absolute Champion on and off the field. We have lost a true Texas Legend. Rest in Peace.

Posted by James Bush - Waco, TX   October 02, 2013

I saw every football game James started. I was in 6th and 7th grade when he played football at Texas. I remember telling my mama at Arkansas, "Don't worry, Mama, James won't let us lose." Years later, I said the same thing to my husband at Ohio State about Vince Young. I feel privileged that I not only got to watch James Street play football, I also had the opportunity to get to know him. James was the kind of person that makes you feel better about yourself because he's your friend. And I will miss my friend. My deepest sympathies to Janie and the boys -- take comfort your warm memories, and know that you will see James again by and by, May God hold you all in the palm of His hand.

Posted by Mary Ann Ray - Temple, TX - Friend   October 02, 2013

There are several connections that allowed me to cross paths more than once with James Street...always friendly, humble, and would look you in the eye while speaking with conviction. A Texas treasure that will be missed for sure by those who knew you well, met you a few times , or simply admired you on the field.

Posted by Randy Ortega - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

Sewell, we are so saddened to hear about your Dear Brother James. There is no words that can comfort you, Janie and the rest of the Street family right now. It is such a shock and no one knows better than I on what lies ahead in this great loss! We are here for you any time that you need us. We love you Sewell and time is what will heal the pain of this great loss to the Street family. God Bless the Street family at this time of sorrow.
Love you all,
Barbara Schroeder Hill and family

Posted by Barbara Hill - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

Janie and Family,

It has been a great pleasuring working with James and he has become a friend to me. I will miss our conversations and working with him. He was truly a great man and he will be deeply missed. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers in this tough time.

Posted by Aaron Jablonsky - Houston, TX   October 02, 2013

I grew up with James in Longview, playing ball with him thru high school. My dad was his Little League coach and nobody wanted to bat against James. I followed him to Austin and UT, watched him pitch at Clark Field and play football. I saw him frequently at UT baseball games sitting behind home plate, watching his sons play. He was cordial when we met, always asking about my dad. He had a big smile, firm handshake and was always so positive. He will surely be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Janie and his family during this time. God Bless. LHS class of '67, UT class of '72.

Posted by Johnny Gross - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

Sweet Janie,
Huston, Jordan, Juston, Hanson! Ryan,
Our family will forever have James in our hearts as a silly, happy, inspirational man. He was more than famous to us, he was our buddy. Always teaching our son Ben, on the baseball field a life lesson. Many years of sitting, traveling around the country together sitting on bleachers. James and Janie always found a way to watch all four boys play baseball, never missing anyone's games. Here's a Starbucks to you James!!
We love you all
Linda and teddy

Posted by Linda and Teddy Druss - Austin, TX - Friend   October 02, 2013


It is so simple to talk about James. Baseball has been my life and of that I have spent 44 years in professional baseball. Of all my teammates, James sticks out as one who worked to make us all better and competed to win more than anyone I have been around. He never put himself above the rest of us and I know he has lived his post athletic life just like that. People like him do not come around often enough.

Posted by Larry Hardy - Trophy Club, TX - Baseball teammate, UT   October 02, 2013

To the Street Family,Iam so sorry to hear about James.My thoughts and prayers are with you.I knew him when he was in high school.My then husband was his barber,and kept his hair looking perfect.He was such a polite and humble young man.I feel very blessed to have known him.Rest In Peace James.

Posted by Diane Humphrey - Longview, TX   October 02, 2013

I love all of the Street family and I am so sad about James.Over the years of knowing you guys I have seen such demonstrations of love and integrity by all of you. Humility is a beautiful character trait which I believe James and Janie ,have role modeled in their family and community.
James was a true Texas Hero in my eyes and I will never forget him and his many beautiful thoughts and funny fun loving ways.
I hope you will feel the love that I feel for all of you ,especially at this time of such a great loss.
I weep with you and for you.

Posted by Hannah Munden - Austin, TX - Family friend   October 02, 2013

Thanks for forty plus years of excitement reliving the '69 Championship game against Arkansas. I was in the Astrodome watching Jets-Oilers, Namath broke the Jets huddle and a roar went out from the crowd. Jo Willie was clearly confused as to why, the scoreboard had just posted the 15-14 score and, it seemed, that more fans were watching the scoreboard than were watching the game.
You will be sorely missed but, thanks for the many memories of your on the field exploits.

Posted by Jerry Beasley '61 - Granbury, TX   October 02, 2013

James. You were a blessing in my life, to all who knew you, and to many who never had the pleasure to meet you. We're going to miss you very much.
Janie. You, your sons and their families are in my thoughts and prayers. Please accept my condolences. Godspeed to each of you. John Lea

Posted by John Lea - San Miguel de Allende, Guana - Friend   October 02, 2013

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

My sister Nancy was in James' Longview High graduating class in 1966 and I followed a year later. I had the good fortune of playing Pony League baseball with James, and being his catcher was fun, but painful as he could throw the ball so hard. We also sang together in Mr. Teat's choir at LHS, and James was as competitive and skillful in that venue as he was in football or baseball.

Our family grew up just blocks from James' family in South Longview. None of us had much in the way of possessions, but we learned good lessons, and James, despite his fame, always maintained his humble, dignified and kind manner.

What a wonderful legacy he left.

Posted by David Fuller - Dallas   October 02, 2013

Thanks for the memories, Jimmy, Scout Troop 89 will never forget you. Rest in Peace

Posted by Frank Segura - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

Posted by Forrest Larson    October 02, 2013

Posted by KVET Radio    October 02, 2013

To the Street Family,

I was a Razorback cheerleader during the 1969 Ark/Texas game. Upset though I was with the final score, I came to realize that true warriors played on both teams. I admired his talent, and from what I've heard from former Hog players, James was a true gentleman.
With sympathy,
Suzanne Ritchie

Posted by Suzanne Ritchie - North Little Rock, AR   October 02, 2013

Posted by Broken Spoke    October 02, 2013

Thank you James for all the great memories over the years. Hook Em!

Posted by John Sanders - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

God Bless you Jams, I have the best memories of you as a child! I always looked up to you! Love you! Lisa Smothers

Posted by Lisa Smothers - Minneapolis, MN   October 02, 2013

Janie and boys, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the families. As we know all too well, it is hard to know what to say when sad things happen. Please know a lot of people are sending you good thoughts and wishing you all the best for the coming days. Love to you all.

Posted by Bonnie Nuckolls Branding - Round Rock, TX - Aunt to the Pedro girls   October 02, 2013

You were the man. What a memory I have of your performance in the game with Arkansas. Have seen it ten times on the Longhorn Network.

Rest in Peace

B. A.Acevedo, Jr
Waco, Texas
UTEX 1979

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

Always thought the world of you! You will be greatly missed...

Posted by Sammy Simms - Longview, TX   October 02, 2013

James, it's been over 45 years since we roamed the halls of Moore-Hill with Super Bill, "Chief" Abbott, Stone, Koy and countless others. Your energy and attitude were contagious and spread optimism throughout the DKR program. RIP. Joe Doenges

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

To the Street Family,Our Prayers are with y'all.

Posted by Larnce Barker - Salado, TX   October 02, 2013

Have a few memories of James, Bill Bradley, Tommy Asaff, Ken Gidney and a few others spending a couple summers at John Prothro's ranch in Tyler, TX. I was a young 15 yr old girl that watched them bale hay and work hard on that ranch. They would pile up in one of Prothros' UT orange vehicles (there were several) and ride around and honk every time they went by my house. I took my transistor radio over to them the day that Whitman was shooting from the tower and we all listened together. They were all so nice to me. My sister graduated from UT in the 50s so my family have always been Longhorns. I met James again in Austin in the early 80s when he came into the firm where I worked. We had a good laugh about Prothro. I just bet they are laughing together again. My sympathies to the family and friends. My heart hurts too, as I am only 3 yrs younger.

Posted by Gayle Reece - Tyler, TX   October 02, 2013


My heart is broken with the passing of my dear friend and "Boss". Assisting dear James with his business and his wonderful family has been my pleasure for the past 22 years. I have been truly blessed.

Posted by Jeanette Hall - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

To the Street family- thanks for sharing James with the Longhorn fans all these years- my prayers are with you during this difficult time. I recall seeing him at baseball games watching Huston, Jordan, and Juston play and he was always so gracious to people who wanted to meet him or an autograph. James Street was a winner in more places than the sporting fields- he was a genuine class act! May God comfort you and bless you all

Tracy Schremp- UT grad 1989

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

Truly James was one of my boyhood idols, one of those rare larger than life people who are at their best when the chips are down. I was only 13 years of age when he took the reins of QB from 'Super Bill' Bradley and went on the become the only undefeated starting QB in UT's storied history. Those were emotionally charged years with the famous comeback wins over the Hogs and the Irish and later the loss of Freddie Steinmark. The kid from Gregg County Texas was one of a kind and my prayers are for his family that they remember that one day 'our faith shall become sight when God shall make all things new.'
Kevin May MD, San Antonio

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

So sorry for the loss of great friend and family man. My condolences to the Street Family. Your friend from school days at UT and later Austin.

Missy Berger

Posted by Missy Berger - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

As a youngster growing up in the Hill Country Street was one of my football heroes. Although I later became an Aggie James still remains a hero. God Speed Sir, and thanks for the memories.

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

WILL BE MISSED GREATLY. "One Day At A Time". My thoughts and prayers go with the family.

Posted by BILL MCWHORTER - UVALDE, TX   October 02, 2013

Mary, so very sorry about James. What a loss for you and the family and his friends.

Charlie and Janie Ellsworth Harrison

Posted by Charlie and Janie Ellsworth Harrison - Williamsburg, VA   October 02, 2013

Mary, so very sorry about James. What a huge loss for you and all of the family and his friends.

Posted by Charlie and Janie Ellsworth Harrison - Williamsburg, VA   October 02, 2013

Oct. 2, 2013

He is not gone. He is just away.

Posted by Richard LeTourneau - Longview, TX   October 02, 2013

My sincere condolences to the family. May the God of all comfort strengthen you during this time of sorrow and in the days ahead. E.D. Park Forest, IL.

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

James you were a great father, friend,and teammate.You were our leader on those 68&59 teams and we are really going to miss you. Rest in peace my friend.
Scott Palmer

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

I was very young when James quaterbacked for UT. I was awed by his incredible performance, which was only surpassed by his humility. My prayers are with his family.

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

May the God who gives peace be with all of YOU. Amen.-Roman 15"33.. I am sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   October 02, 2013

James, you were the best and an obvious reason why we won the National Championship in 69. As good as you were on the field, you were an ever better person off the field. The last time I saw you was at our 20 year reunion in 1989 and it didn't seem like you had changed a bit. Still the great person you always were.

I was sad to hear of your passing but you leave a great legacy that your family can always be proud of. Your accomplishments will continue to live on. May God Bless you! Hook em Horns!

Gary Rike
Longhorn Teamate

Posted by Gary Rike - Rockwall, TX - a teamate at UT for 4 years   October 02, 2013

I had not seen James for almost 45 years but have followed him through his career. I did get to see him in the Cotton Bowl in 1969, which has been the only UT game I've ever been to. (Longview) - What an experience to see the guy I use to play basketball with on Sunday's (?) in Foster Jr. High in Longview. I think James invented the Ducktails in Longview, and I also think he had lots to do with the overhand fastball, for those of you that remember James's pitching. He was an exceptional athelete and person. His mother (Helen) had lots to do with his outcome. She was a sweet person. She loved them kids. She raised 3 kids through hard times and 3 kids I know she is proud of. I know Helen and James have had a big hug by now. All of us boys that grew up around James knows what type of person he was and he will always be remembered. I'm in Austin now and when I hear James's name, which was often, I smile and think, I tried to be as good as you in pitching but didn't quite make it, almost. - Elmer, Terry, David & Becky Reed(Foster) - (DoyleReed)

Posted by Terry N. Reed - Austin, TX - Friend   October 02, 2013

God rest the soul of a great person in James Street.

Posted by Monroe Carter - Tyler, TX   October 02, 2013

From my time as the ball boy for the 1969 Longhorn football team through my career as an attorney in Austin, James always treated me like he was thrilled to see me. He was gracious, caring and had an incredible enthusiasm for life. I will miss his friendship. God bless the Street family and thank you for sharing James with us all of these years.

Posted by Tiger Hanner - Austin, TX   October 02, 2013

I graduated Longview High School in 1969 and followed James Street's career at UT. It was because of James that I became a Longhorn fan! James, you will always be in my heart and my memories.

Posted by Linda Mauldin Hogan - Longview, TX   October 01, 2013

James Street said at his 1999 Cotton Bowl Hall of Fame Induction: "It was these Longhorn players around me that made this skinny kid from Longview, TX look any good"

Posted by Paul Beaver - Richardson, TX   October 01, 2013

A TRUE LONGHORN LEGEND. What a loss to the UT Family. God bless you James and your wonderful family

Posted by Preston Taylor - The Woodlands, TX   October 01, 2013

With the passing of Coach Royal and now James Street, two of my college days heroes are now gone. I will never forget watching the historic game against Arkansas up here in Colorado and how the Longhorns just never quit. Though not a Longhorn fan or UT alum I was pulling for them all the way. RIP and thank you for all the thrills.

Posted by Al Cordova - Colorado Springs, CO   October 01, 2013

To the Street family, continue to keep faith and love one another. James' strong faith in god and love of his family will be his legacy. Both my brother and I were Lobo's and greatly admired him. His work on this earthly plane is finished but his love will remain eternal.

Posted by Janet and Dean Lurker - Tierra Verde, FL   October 01, 2013

to Huston so sorry to hear bout your dad im a friend of your teammate luke gregersons family I follow sports on a daily basis never new your dad was such a big hero in texas but I can tell by all the outpouring of love and support what people thought of him god bless you Huston and the rest of the family I have experienced the pain you are all feeling and I no its not easy to get over just wanted to send my sincere condolences

Posted by jerry rowland - chicago, IL   October 01, 2013

Your great smile will be missed at your grandson's baseball and flag football games! It was an honor to have laughed and enjoyed the games with you and your family.

Posted by Lakoski Family - Austin   October 01, 2013

Your exploits on the field made for a very memorable senior year for me. Thanks for the memories. Rest in peace.

Posted by Mike Atnip - Kingwood, TX   October 01, 2013

Coach Royal needed a new QB and summoned a true friend and loyal follower. He called on one of the all time best.....RIP James!!!

Posted by Tommy Rodgers - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

Everyone is born with a purpose in life. James excelled at each and every purpose. He was the best husband, the best father, brother, son, friend, businessman, athlete and one of the best University of Texas supporters around. What more could anyone ask? I am so thankful of the time we spent with James and Janie, the laughs, the stories, the friendship. James will missed by everyone who had the great fortune of being in his life. Janie, may you and the boys find peace and comfort through all of the people who love you. Cheryl Ray

Posted by Cheryl Ray - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

I have fond memories of James as a kid. My Uncle Mike Campbell was the Defense Coach for Texas and my two cousins Tom and Mike played on the same team. We went to several games as a kid and one year James gave his jersey to my little sister who wore it as a night gown for several years until it just about fell apart. He and my cousins were childhood heroes of mine and being at the games and being able to go in the athletic dorm was such a thrill and James giving up his jersey put the icing on the cake. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the many that always looked to him as their leader.

Posted by David Myrick - Gulfport, MS   October 01, 2013

My heart is broken. Reminds us all of our Mortality. Rest in peace James.

Barker D. Chunn, Jr.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

I had the pleasure of being seated next to Mr. Street on a return flight to Austin many years ago. He was gracious with his time and it made for a memorable trip home.

Posted by Tim Morrissey - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

Having gone to LHS and UT with James, I had enormous respect and admiration for him as both an athlete and person. God bless you James and your family.

Posted by Leon Escude - Charlotte, NC   October 01, 2013

I went to high school in Longview, graduated 68, I think I went one year when James was there, but I saw the Big Shootout game and was a Longhorn ever since, went there two yrs in the 70's...loved Austin, and james was certainly an icon.. for the state of Texas, like Earl Campbell, maybe bigger

Posted by Tommy Mercer - Houston, TX   October 01, 2013

I never got to meet James Street in person, but because of him I have many fond memories of my Saturdays in 1968 and 1969! My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and sons at this time.

Posted by Wally Mathews - Houston, TX   October 01, 2013

I was 10 years old. The family was gathered to watch the big game between UT and Arkansas. When James Street marched Texas to the winnng score we all cheered. From that day on Street has always remained a UT legend in my mind.

Posted by Mike Anderson - Santa Fe, NM   October 01, 2013

Janie and kids my prayers are with you.

Posted by mary ehrlich Lenz - colleyville, TX   October 01, 2013

A beautiful new Angel. Rest in peace, James

Posted by Wanda Williams - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

I have been raised a Longhorn fan. Although I was a young teenage girl we were on the floor of my aunts living room yelling at STREET to bring the horns home. Precious memories with my family as we learned to love James Street that wonderful 1969 season. I will never forget his leadership and devotion to U T. May God bless his family and loved ones. You are in our prayers

Posted by diane killingsworth - groesbeck, TX   October 01, 2013

After going to a high school in Houston whose football glory days were in suspension; I wanted to go to a university with a winning football team. Well did I get lucky and feel like I owe a "Longhorns" share to James Street. I did come from a family of Longhorns and valued the academic side of going to UT. Nothing will ever compare to being a football fan and the excitement of being fortunate to have attended while James played there. All through the years afterward it's been such a great feeling to be honored to be a small part of what has to be one of the greatest eras in sports. Finally I want to express my gratitude and condolences to him and his family for setting such a great example both on and off the field and making my life's experiences so full of joy and pride. Sincerely John Santamaria BA Univ of Texas 1972

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013


Rest in peace, James. Such a sad loss. Hook'Em.

Posted by susan nankervis/ronshausen - austin, TX   October 01, 2013

James was a celebrity who was out there visible and generous of his time, from autographing a UT student's program in an elevator to taking time out of his lunch hour to sit down with a handicapped man who idolized him and just wanted to meet him. Besides being a great football player he was a generous kind hearted great person.He touched many more lives then he was ever aware,just by being the first class human being he was.
Sympathy and prayers to the Street family and those close to them,
Yours in Christ,
Mr&Mrs Alfred C Edwards

Posted by alfred edwards - lexington, TX   October 01, 2013

I am a Longview native and was sent to Mr. Teat for student teaching. James was a senior. The following fall I began teaching elementary music in central Texas . I had more boys in my 5th and 6th grade choir because of James. He spoke at one of our junior highs and some of my boys went to hear him. They got to speak to him and asked him about choir. He told them how much he had enjoyed choir and they would enjoy it too. No problem after that. During the summers I worked on my masters at UT and never missed a televised game during the fall.

Posted by patricia hutchinson - fritch, TX   October 01, 2013

My father (god rest his sole} told me of all the great moments that James had as a Longhorn and as I grew up I read about a man who cared about his family and the University of Texas. He is a big part of why I am a VERY BIG LONGHORN FAN. God Speed and Hook em in Heaven......

Posted by bill pagel - houston, TX   October 01, 2013

Remembering Moving to Austin in 1968 and my Dad coming home telling me, so excitedly Texas won, Texas won! After about the the 4th or 5th week I said who are the longhorns ?
My dad would watch the game on TV and sat beside him and saw James Street for the first time and saw how James would pitch the ball out at the last split second just as he was getting tacked or at times before his body hit the ground. I was 8 years old at the time, and said to myself what an awesome player. That image of James street sticks to me to this very day.
Tears filled my eyes when my dad told me the news. To James, " God bless you" and to James family, " God be with you"

Posted by Humberto Rodriguez - Bastrop, TX   October 01, 2013

Although there were only 3 years difference in our ages, James was the only real sports hero I ever had as a kid and a #16 Texas jersey the only jersey I have ever owned. A true Texas legend. HORNS UP!

Posted by Clyde Gray    October 01, 2013

I and my husband and children ran across a muddy field to see the 'Horns deplane when they returned from THE GAME in Arkansas. And there came the shining face of our hero, James Street, as he came down the stairs toward us. And he really was heroic that day. I shall never forget that moment. I should like to send special hugs to Ryan and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love

Posted by Carol Cummings - Austin, Texas, TX   October 01, 2013

Within the past year or so, James and I were visiting and somehow the subject of heaven came up. James said he hoped to go to heaven, but felt like God would not ask him about a '4th and 3' long pass. Instead, he thought the questioning would be more along the lines of 'How did you treat and help people'!
James, you got an A++!

Posted by Jim Hicks - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

The is one thing I can say about James. A great teammate with unselfish desire to make his team better and the best at competing to win. He will be missed for the way he played and the life he lived. I am blessed to have played with him and known him as just a great person. Larry Hardy, Baseball, 1968-70

Posted by Larry Hardy - Trophy Club, TX   October 01, 2013

The example that James left for young people to follow will never be forgotten. The times we spent together as Lobos, on and off
the field, will always be cherished. May God bless the Street family. Coach Votto. Gaddis

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013


Great memories of you at UT....on & off the football field! RIP

Posted by Leslie Peterson Graf - Houston, TX   October 01, 2013


Posted by M B - Wichita, KS   October 01, 2013

Our very deepest condolences.

Posted by The Bryce Jordan Family - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

So sorry to hear about the passing of James Street. As a lifelong Longhorn fan, his great accomplishments will never be forgotten. #16 was a great player and from what I have read, an even greater man! RIP Mr. Street and my condolences to his family.

Posted by Martha Wilkins - Mexia, TX   October 01, 2013

Thanks for all the great times I had growing up wathing you at Texas. Hook Em.

Posted by pat morris - Georgetown, TX   October 01, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Janie and the family. God rest his soul - James was a great man, much love Vicky and Steve Letson

Posted by Vicky Letson - Dallas   October 01, 2013

James and I played high school ball and were on the track team - though I was never 1/10th the athlete James was. Of all my memories of him the one that sticks with me the most was the day of the JFK assassination. We had a football game that night and as usual the team spent most of the day together. I remember James explaining last rights to all of us good Baptist and Methodist east Texans. With tears in his (and all of our) eyes he told us it was over ... the President was dead. James was far more than "just" a great athlete. Another teammate gone.

Posted by Kenneth Norwood - TX   October 01, 2013

I Will never forget watching theTexas Arkansas football game.I'm from Columbia tn.I was 16 yrs old he was such a leader that day an never forgot who he was . It was sad when Iseen his name go across my tTV on ESPN.

Posted by jeff berry - columbia, TN   October 01, 2013

My condolences to the James Street family and friends. My home were I grew up was three streets away from James' home. My mother would take me to a shoe store in downtown Longview where we would buy shoes from James' father. His father was a very nice man. In high school, I remember James smiling in the hallways of Longview High School. When at UT, I remember in December 1969 after the Texas/Arkansas game walking down to the campus. I was photographing the Tower, lighted in orange, on the north-west corner of 24th and Whitis. I remember thinking of James Street and his making me feel good about his accomplishments with his teammates. Although I did not know him personally, because of his accomplishments, he brought a sense of pride to me. Through his outstanding talent, he made others feel good. Isn't that a wonderful quality!

Paul Johnston - LHS '65; UT '69

Posted by Paul Johnston - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

I will always remember the grit and character you displayed when you played. As a kid, I watched you on the football and baseball fields and always found you to be an inspiration. This is a definite loss for the rest of us.

Posted by Floyd Goodrich - Portland, OR   October 01, 2013

Knew James after his college days when he was in the insurance business in Austin. He always had that infectous smile and great laugh, wish I had know him better. Heart felt sympathies to his wife, sons and all the family and friends. He will be long remembered as a true Longhorn, Austinite and Texan. Shalom

Posted by Ken Johnson - Las Vegas, NV   October 01, 2013

Very early one Mother's Day morning a few years ago, I slipped into the West Lake Village HEB to purchase a card for my lovely wife. I was alone in the card aisle, looking at the cards and trying to pick the best one. I sensed a gentleman approaching me at this early hour, and looked right into the eyes of James Street, who wanted to know what I thought of the card he had chosen for his wife. I don't recall what I said, but it wasn't until the gentleman left that I realized he was none other than the legend, who seemed so earnest and sincere about getting the right card for his bride. My impression of him was that of a kind and loving husband and father who loved his family.

And that is the best epitaph of all for any man.

Hook 'em. And rest in eternal peace.

Posted by Raymond Goodrich - West Lake Hills, TX   October 01, 2013

I remember James hanging out w/ Willie & Waylon and Dr John Young. James loved to impersonate Buddy Holly and watch Waylon impersonate Elvis. Always a class guy. Always. RIP James.

Posted by Bruce Williams - Midland, TX   October 01, 2013

All James could do, is beat you and that he did; 20 - 0. For me one of the greatest pictures in Longhorn history was from the 20th and his last game vs Notre Dame. The picture captures James and DKR on the sideline during a timeout with the scoreboard in the background. It read Texas 14 - Notre Dame 17; 4th quarter, 2:26 remaining, 4th and 2 at the ND 10 yard line. Street to Speyrer got the first down and Dale ran it in for the TD. Texas 21 - ND 17..
My sincerest prayers and wishes for God's blessing and peace to the Street family during this time. Thank you for sharing James with the Longhorn Nation all these years. "'Til Gabriel blows his horn."
Godspeed, Jim

Posted by Jim Geary - Jackson, MS   October 01, 2013


Posted by Melanie Wheaton family - Fentress, TX   October 01, 2013

#12 on the roster #1 in our hearts.
Longview Lobos 1966.
Susan Pruett Class 1967

Posted by Susan Pruett - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

James Street broke my heart on that cold December 6, 1969, just as he did to thousands of other Razorback fans. But a funny thing happened as the years passed. I, and other UA fans, grew to respect and admire Street and the rest of that great Texas team. If we had to lose that game, then I'm glad we lost to a coach, a team and a quarterback with class. So Wooooo Pig Soooie, and in your honor, James, Hook 'em Horns.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

Mr. Street you will be sorely missed by many. While I did not know you for your football skills, I did know you for being an incredible father to your son and my classmate, Ryan Street. Without you, I would not have had such a great childhood friend! Thank you James. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Street family during this very difficult time.

Posted by Misti (Borho) Aderhold - Thrall, TX   October 01, 2013

Darrell,Freddie, and now you James. What a trio of LEGENDS watching over the Longhorns @ DKR. I wanna play on that team at The Big house in the sky. Memories? Many!!! Hook em' Forever!!

Posted by John Hoffman - Dallas, TX   October 01, 2013

James was known for and be remembered for no matter what his success, he treated the rest of us with class and kindness. What an amazing person.

Posted by Henry Marcus - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

Thank you for the impact you made on my life. I was born 4 years after you won the 1969 National Championship as was your son Ryan Street. It was a great honor to play football at Dripping Springs High School with your son (which was also a great athlete)and a great honor to know you and hear all your inspiring stories. I am greatful for the time we had. I will miss you James. God Bless you.

Posted by Jason Covington - Nashville, TN   October 01, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with Janie and the family. He was one of the best men I have ever known.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

My condolences to his entire family. It was a privilege to have been a friend and teammate of James so many years ago. He was a born leader, fun to be around, and a great competitor. God Bless.

Posted by Bob Hirschfield - Oyster Bay, NY   October 01, 2013

On behalf of the UT Golf Club family, our deepest sympathies to the Street family. James was a great man. We will proudly display the STREET name on cart #16...

Posted by Steve Termeer - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

I Played golf with James several times at various insurance functions. He really got a kick out of me telling him that in 1969 I was listening to the "game", when I was in Viet Nam, on a small transistor radio. When he threw the pass there was so much noise on the radio that I thought the announcer said that he had fumbled, and lost, the ball. I got so mad that I crushed the radio with my rifle butt. The next day I was reading the Stars and Stripes newspaper and saw where Texas had won the game. He really got a charge out of that.

James was really a class act. God bless his family.

Bill Plummer

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

What a great athlete ,I was a huge fan of Street and all the longhorn players during his time at UT, even though I was a student at Texas Texh during this period.I think him and the rest of the team made Texas football a notch above the rest.RIP James

Posted by Jihn Lowe - Arlington, TX   October 01, 2013

What a great friend and teammate.

Posted by Tom Wright - Friendswood, TX   October 01, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Street family at this time. May God's love, comfort and peace surround them in the days ahead.

Posted by - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

James was a fierce opponent, and a wonderful friend. Blessings and peace to Janie and the kids. Johnny KLEINERT

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

Our deepest sympathy.

Posted by Bobby & Jetta Woodall - Eustis, FL   October 01, 2013

Condolences and prayers to James' family. His leadership of that team was magic and inspirational. Those games were, and still are, the most exciting I've seen in my lifetime.

Posted by Kelly Ann Weiner - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

My father graduated from UT in the late 1950s, so naturally we watched Longhorn football games on Saturdays during the heydey of UT and the wishbone. The wishbone was the glamour offense of the era and James Street was the perfect QB for that moment in time. As a young boy in suburbia Texas, I vividly recall emulating the wishbone on grassy lawns with other boys from the neighborhood. We tried to pitch the football at the very LAST moment to the trailing tailback, as Street did in the games on TV or radio. There was an elegance and beauty to Street's operation of the wishbone that made it fun and exciting to watch. Ironically, our suburban street featured a family from Arkansas and an Irish family from Boston. So the 1969 games with Arkansas and ND were huge to our little neightborhood in the cosmos. But, regardless of our favorite team, all the boys and girls thought James Street was very cool.

Later, I received two degrees from UT, including my PhD. As a boy and now a long-time college professor and writer on the East Coast, here is what I learned from Street, Royal, and the wishbone. 1) I had to remain cool under pressure, 2) be innovative and willing to take massive risks (as with the pass in the '69 Arkansas game) in life and career, 3) win or lose with class, 4) and never forget that there is artfulness, coolness, and deep beauty to the best aspects of life and the universe.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

James was our LHS superstar. Outgoing, friendly and very good-looking. I know he will be greatly missed by all. He is on his best journey now. May God Bless his Family and Friends
Cathy Rathburn

Posted by Cathy Rathburn Fisher - Longview, TX   October 01, 2013

Posted by Eddie Oran - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

I had the good fortune of meeting James Street as an 11 year old in 1969. It was at the old Ownby Stadium at SMU where the team was practicing a couple of days prior to the 1969 national championship game. It was abundantly clear at that meeting that Street loved kids, and he spent about 15 minutes with a small group of us kids. And now, at age 55, that was an encounter that left a lasting positive impression and impact on my life, and I'll never forget it. God bless the Street family during this very tough time.

Posted by Paul McDaniel - Austin, TX   October 01, 2013

James Street was the number 1 reason that I became a Longhorn fan back in 1969. Being from Pennsylvania, I was the only one. Paterno was belly-aching about Nixon annointing the Horns, but his team played no one at the time. I was 13 years old at the time, and I have been a Longhorn fan ever since because of James Street. He IS the standard that every Longhorn should be striving for, although I doubt that anyone will ever attain his perfection. Even though I never met James, I am deeply saddened by his passing, and my prayers go out to his family.

Posted by A friend   October 01, 2013

Family and Friends of James,
We all need “a time to laugh . . . and a time to skip about,” a time for recreation. (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4) We loved to see James play football. Good times indeed!
We are sorry for the loss of James. He will be missed.

Posted by E.J. - Austin, Tx.   October 01, 2013

James was a fellow classmate at Longview High School and even tho he was a reveled jock as they were in the day he was always down to earth and a gentleman. An all around good guy. My prayers r with u his family. Linda Heard

Posted by Linda Heard - Longview   September 30, 2013

As a UT grad I'm saddened to hear of James Street's passing. I was a lucky kid in 1969 because I was at the Cotton Bowl and saw a great game. To hear that he was visiting his son over the weekend, he was very proud of his son. We know not the hour or the prayers to the family. Hook Em!

Posted by Tim Ryan - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

Bill Ferguson family/Longview Texas, sends condolences and prayers

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I met James in Bill Bradley's room just before James replaced Bradley. He carried himself with dignity. His success came as no surprise. While I did not play with him he honored himself and UT and for that I greatly respected him. This man was real,a class-act and a credit to his school, the University of Texas.
From a 1969 UT graduate.
May his family find peace at this sad moment as we all cherish his memory.

Posted by Dwight MacAllister - Gonzales, TX   September 30, 2013

Hi Janie and family, My prayers are with you all. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Roy Blizzard III - Leander, TX   September 30, 2013

Longhorn nation thanks you James. Tell Coach Royal hi from all of us. You both made us very proud.

Posted by Larry Duyka - Missouri City, TX   September 30, 2013

My favorite all-time sports hero!

Posted by Debbie Ament - Gatesville, TX   September 30, 2013

I attended the miracle in 1969 and watched James prevail as a QB during my Jr. and Sr. years at UT. He continued his success and positive attitude into his business life. RIP.

Posted by Gary Goodfriend - Irving, TN   September 30, 2013

What a wonderful man! I was at Texas when he led the Longhorns with class and courage. He will be missed!!

Posted by Judy Falls - Cooper, TX   September 30, 2013

Posted by Bunnie SAMs - Marble a Falls, TX   September 30, 2013


Rest in peace.

Posted by neal watt - austin   September 30, 2013


in God's care rest in peace

Posted by Dwayne Bickham - Dayton, OH   September 30, 2013

Thanks for that wonderful 1969 season.

RIP to a great Longhorn.

Posted by FJ Smith - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Our hearts to friends and family...peace.

Posted by - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by Jerry Pyle - Rocwall, TX   September 30, 2013

Our hearts to friends and family...peace.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Thanks for all the great memories. Jerry Pyle

Posted by Jerry Pyle - Rockwall, TX   September 30, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with the Street family tonight. I met James in 1977 in the Longhorn equipment room. He was such a legend and to meet him was a humbling experience. But, he was just a great person and treated everyone of us as a friend and fellow Longhorn. He was around the locker room during my time with the Longhorns as an Athletic Trainer. He was an inspiration to all and the Longhorns have lost a great legend. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Bruce Dumler - Dayton, OH   September 30, 2013

Very sorry to hear about James passing much too soon. He was our hero, growing up. He lived right and he leaves a lot of good behind. Very sorry for his family.

Posted by Ronnie Dickens - San Marcos, TX   September 30, 2013

I grew up in Kilgore, hearing of the legendary Street as a high school player in nearby Longview. As a youngster, he was a bat boy on my uncle's Pony League team. I was in my junior year in 1969 at UT when he and the Longhorns beat Arkansas in that legendary game for the national championship. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of that game, if only for a few moments. It showed me what can be done with a sheer, "never-give-up" determination. I feel fortunate to have watched the first wishbone quarterback at now Royal-Memorial Stadium. My sympathies for the whole Street family.

Posted by Gary Ford - Lanett, AL   September 30, 2013

I, also, have known James since Foster Jr. High, and am stunned by this sad news. My prayer is that his family will find peace, comfort, and strength in their faith and in the love expressed by the many people whose lives he touched.

Posted by Elaine Bussey - Bogsta, TX   September 30, 2013

I want to send my sympathy to the STREET family I know coach Royal and JAMES STREET are having a reunion my prayers for the family HOOK EM!!!!

Posted by Yolanda Carrillo - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Thank you for your contributions to our great University! Your legacy will remain bright and will never be forgotten! Longhorns fans will forever be grateful for the championship ride and for the memories. Thank you, from our family of Longhorns. We've lost a true longhorn legend and our thoughts and prayers are with the Street family.

Posted by Jessica Moreno - Katy, TX   September 30, 2013

Have been a Longhorn fan all my life. Was at UT during the '69 and '70 glory years. Went to all home games and even the Arkansas Shoot Out. Never more excitement than to watch James play. A true winner in every aspect of his life. Too young for him to go. Prayers to the family. You were blessed with a wonderful husband and father. Hook 'em for Eternity, James!!!

Posted by Ann Mallow - Crested Butte, CO   September 30, 2013

He was a great one, Texas fans will always remember him. Dear God please help his family. Rest in Peace Mr. Street, you'll never be forgotten.

Posted by Larry Brewer - Euless, TX   September 30, 2013

I knew James also his mother and sister they lived just one street over from us. They were good down to earth people friendly and nice. James was a great success but the thing I'll remember most about him is saying a friendly hello walking down those old neighborhood streets.

Posted by Dan Keeton - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013


For James Street

Posted by Linda Beall Hamon - Hot Springs Village, AR   September 30, 2013


Posted by Linda Beall Hamon - Hot Springs Village, AR   September 30, 2013

Mary, Janie and family,
James was a great man and I feel proud to have known him. I know this is a great personal loss, and I send you all my love and continuing prayers.

Posted by Linda Beall Hamon - Hot Springs Village, AR   September 30, 2013

Janie, Mary and family
"May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead."

Posted by Bryan Brennion LHS'65 - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. I LOVED watching James with my Daddy, he was such an awesome quarterback and such a joy to watch. Some of my most fond memories are with my Daddy watching James Street and the Texas Longhorns. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Deb Stewart - Tyler, TX   September 30, 2013

I played football against James in jr. highschool and highschool and I idolized him when he came to UT. He was a great leader, and a great man, and will be sorely missed

Posted by Michael Alexander - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

We would like to offer our condolences and sympathy to the family, friends ans fans of James Street.

He was a great quarterback and a Texas Longhorn legend.

RIP !!!

Posted by FootballTopFan - U S A   September 30, 2013

I was in my first year at UT when James was put in his first game against Oklahoma State I believe. The Horns went on to win 20 straight with him as QB and none were more exciting than the Arkansas game in 69 and the Cotton Bowl in 70. Great player and great competitor. He will be missed. RIP James.

Posted by John Summerhill - Bozeman, MT   September 30, 2013

Our condolences to your family and our friend, Mary. We can still not believe it.
Pat & Janet Bright Rodgers

Posted by - Dallas   September 30, 2013

I was barely in Junior High in Uvalde, Texas when I became a James Street fan for life. I will never forget placing
my transistor radio under my pillow listening to UT Playing SMU on a cool saturday night in the Cotton Bowl. The sponsor non other than Humble Oil Co.

My condolences to the Street family. James your l969 season will be forever carved in stone. I still intend to get your autographed helmet.----James may you rest in peace.

Posted by JOAQUIN RODRIGUEZ - EAGLE PASS, TX   September 30, 2013

James and I became close friends during his career after football in the structured settlement business. The same skills that made him great in sports made him great in business. All business was done with a handshake, he would outwork everyone and had a personality that made the impossible look easy. James was a giant in our business as he was in very aspect of his life.

Posted by Don McNay - Richmond, KY   September 30, 2013

Only meet him once but he was very gracious. He'll be missed.

Posted by David Snipes - Keller, TX   September 30, 2013

I always enjoyed James' friendly personality at LHS and followed his UT football career. Class '65 LHS. Prayers for his family.

Posted by Kathy Johnston Jackson - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013

I was at the 1969 Arkansas game and he beat us fair and square.

Posted by Bill Treece - Arlington Heights, IL   September 30, 2013

I'm so sorry for your loss! In these times of deep sorrow God's word provides so much comfort! Revealtion 21:4 promises a time when pain and sorrow will be of the past! I hope that it gives you as much comfort as it has me in these difficult times!

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

James' life and record are a great testimony to self-confidence and determination, not to mention wonderful leadership. I was fortunate to attend UT during his years as QB. I used to pass him in the lobby at Jester on my way to English class, and he'd be wowing a bevy of girls. I loved watching him lead the Horns and loved reading about him. May he rest in peace, and may these tributes console his devastated family and friends. Vaya con Dios, James! Thanks for the memories.
J. Michael Parker
San Antonio (UT'73)

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

A great man and father, he is in a better place, still providing advice to his family....
Huston, God Bless you.
Richard Neely

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013


Posted by Stephen Ross - Pflugerville   September 30, 2013

What a wonderful person & awesome football player...God Bless your family & friends!!!

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I never met James but he entertained and thrilled my family many a game. The AR game was unbelievable and the Cotton Bowl - terrific. Too young to die but prayers for his many friends and family!!!

Posted by Cheryl Bean - Kountze, TX   September 30, 2013


James was an inspiration to me. He set the bar high for achievement and suceeded and I applaud him. May God embrace him.

Posted by Clifton Marek - Granger, TX   September 30, 2013

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Wichita, KS   September 30, 2013

May the many wonderful memories created by the way he lived his life be forever his legacy, especially for his family and all of the young people to whom he has been a mentor, friend and exemplary role model. Rest in peace, sir.

Posted by Michelle Maloney - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James Street was by the most important stat of all which is winning , the greatest Longhorn of all . He just wouldn't lose . He was a great man on and off the field . His name and #16 belong on the wall in DKR Memorial Stadium . God bless you and your family James .

Posted by Mike Driver - Albuquerque, NM   September 30, 2013

Austin City Council should name a roadway after number 16.... how about "Slick Street"

Jeff Thomas

Posted by Jeff Thomas - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Huston-Doll Street SADDEST & SOBBING FATHER Infinite Family's JAMES STREET and Infinite Texas LONGHORNS.;!!!!!

Posted by Huston-Doll Street - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

My condolences to The Street Family. May the "Peace of God"(Phillians 4:6,7) be with you as you cope with such a loss. Please find comfort in the many memories you have of James and may it help to ease the pain you are feeling.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I had the pleasure to go to L.H.S. with James and play baseball from Little League thru High School and American Legion with James. Our prayers are with his family; sister Mary and brother Sewell.

Posted by Eddie Richardson - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013

Rest in Peace, James Street. You were quite a guy!

Posted by Sandy Altizer - Columbus, OH   September 30, 2013

Dear Mary and Family,
Mike and I are praying that God will provide your every need at this most difficult of times. We are keeping you in our hearts and our prayers.
Mike and Billie Jordan

Posted by Mike Jordan - Henderson, TX   September 30, 2013

Mr. Street and the 1969 Texas Longhorns were my childhood heros watching the Arkansas/Notre Dame games at 7 years old...I remember the first time I met Mr. Street as an adult, I was very nervous, but he made me feel as important as any one else...A true Longhorn that will be missed very much....RIP Mr. Street, and say Hi to Coach.

Posted by Charles "CHUCK" Rogers III - Wimberley, TX   September 30, 2013

I love the James Street Family so much and offer my love anf years of warm memories. James was a role model to all of us. Love, Audrey Ferrell

Posted by Audrey Ferrell - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Street family. RIP #16. Hook 'em.

God bless,

Posted by Rick Ingram - Medina, TX   September 30, 2013

Competing against James in high school, everyone knew he was a special athlete and individual. He proved that with his outstanding record at the University of Texas in not only football but in maybe his best sport of baseball too. All of East Texas mourns the news of James' passing this weekend. He was a true Legendary East Texas high school and college athlete. He was also all district in basketball and track at Longview. Our prayers go out to his family.

Posted by Richard Power - Lake Charles, LA   September 30, 2013

I enrolled at U.T. in the Fall of 1969. I quickly became a fan of James Street and the Longhorn football team who went on to win the National Championship. I'll always remember those days. James Street was a wonderful man. My condolences to the Street family.

Posted by Penny Andersen - El Paso, TX   September 30, 2013

Being an Arkansas fan, he broke my heart back in'69. A fine man and wonderful father and husband. A great Longhorn has left us too soon.

Posted by Robert Baxter - Baton Rouge, LA   September 30, 2013

I was privileged to play junior high and high school football, with James. I was playing for Arkansas in the Great Texas Shootout.
James was a wonderful person and will be missed. A legend in his own time.

Love and prayers to the Street family.

Posted by Richard Molpus - Mena, AR   September 30, 2013

I offer my deepest condolences to the street family. Please find strength in the one who supplies it. Romans 15:5

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Condolences to the James Street family from a dedicated Long Horn fan who saw him play back in 69 & 70 Arkansas and Notre Dame games as kid. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Felipe - Sugar Land, TX   September 30, 2013

Best UT quarterback ever - bar NONE!

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013


So shocked and saddened to hear of James' passing. May God comfort his family.

Posted by Phyllis Henson - Royse City, TX   September 30, 2013

I offer my condolences to the family of James Street. He was the first athletic hero in my life. Because he was a football and baseball standout at Texas, I took a lot of heat for idolizing a guy who made his mark so far from my home in southeastern Pennsylvania. Starting with my first uniform and ever after, I wore #16 as my own way of honoring this outstanding athlete. May #16 be forever honored as an icon in the annals of sport.

Posted by Joe Maccolini - Norristown, PA   September 30, 2013

My thoughts and prayers to his family. I was fortunate enough to see him play every home game in that incredible undefeated run. He was not only a great athlete, but a class act. His kind do not come along very often. He will be missed greatly.

Posted by Richard Elliott - Fredericksburg, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by Melanie Wheaton family - Fentress, TX   September 30, 2013

Posted by Julie Hutzler Erskine and family - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

James Street was my childhood hero and the reason that at the age of 9 I decided that one day I would go to UT. I got to meet him as an adult with my son and he was still my hero and such a classy individual. Thank you James for what you meant to my life, God bless and RIP. My condolences to his family...he will be missed. Hook'em!

Posted by Mike McQuade - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

What a great man,always had time for everybody that came across his path.You never saw him without that smile as big as Texas.You will be missed.May God bless the Street family.Danny from (Westlake Albertsons)

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I am so sorry I played with James and Sewell on 12th street in Longview where we both lived. My brother mike did too

Posted by Buddy Hvezdos - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013

I'm so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort be with your family at this time. Isaiah 61:2

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I can still hear James singing Wolverton Mountain!He was a great person and loved by everyone!A lot of people that played against the Lobos said he was incredible!He will be missed!!!
Norris Mobbs LHS Class of '66

Posted by Norris Mobbs - Tyler, TX   September 30, 2013

A Longhorn larger than life Legend who never knew the meaning of the word "lose". Thank for the memories!! Blake C. Erskine - Longview, Texas

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

hi this man was a great man he will be missed but now he with god now

Posted by ronnie browning - spring branch, TX   September 30, 2013

James was an awesome man, he gave me my first job in Austin and always gave encourgement. You will be missed greatly. Prayers to your family. Hook Em

Posted by Mary Wilson - Round Rock, TX   September 30, 2013

Posted by Jerry Edmison - Buffalo Gap, TX   September 30, 2013

We are very sorry for your loss , God bless you all

Posted by Michael Tackett - Spicewood, TX   September 30, 2013

We sat near James and Janie at high school football games for several years. Coming from Colorado, we did not know of James background in the beginning. He and Janie were just part of the regular group of parents; they were good people with a son playing ball. He was a great man, husband and father; the world he touched in his daily life will miss him.

Posted by Bob LiVolsi - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

My prayers and respect go out to the Street family at this difficult time. I had the good fortune to meet James and his wife a few years ago in an Austin restaurant. He saw my wide eyes and gaped mouth and smiled and stuck his hand out and shook my hand with kind words and a genuine warmness I will never forget. My first real Longhorn game was the '69 Cotton Bowl that my dad took myself and my brother to--what a game ! Follow that up with the Game of the Century later that year and James Street's play and heart were the reasons why I am a Longhorn for life ! I will never forget this true competitor and great man.

Posted by Dave Depmore - Round Rock, TX   September 30, 2013

I was in the stands when Coach Royal pulled "SuperBill Bradley" and put James in. It was the best quarterback decision at Texas in decades. James simply didn't know how to lose.
All of us Orange Blooded alums will miss him.

Posted by Tom Moran - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

Many young people could learn a lot from James Street. He was from an era when you played hard and worked harder. You honored tradition, respected your coaches, respected your teamates, respected those you played against, and you were respected by those who played against you. You never shied away from the fans who sought you out. You will always be a great Ambassador for The University of Texas. You gave us many fond memories. You shared your life with us. You shared your family with us. For this we are grateful and Thank you and your family. Enjoy the reward that you have earned. Be at rest with the Lord who will comfort your friends and family.
My prayers.

Hook 'em

Posted by Mickey Dorsey - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Jim Street will always be a Longhorn legend. It's way past time to retire #16 and enshrine him on DKR/Texas Memorial Stadium's Ring of Honor along with Layne, Nobis, Campbell, Young and McCoy.

Thanks for inspiring a 6th grader to never give up. It was Dec. 6, 1969. You put the team on your back and carried them to that 15-14 comeback win over the Hogs. That night my folks took us down to the Drag, where it was glorious bedlam... unmoving traffic, Horns' honking horns, and the glowing orange Tower, with a big white #1 lit up in the windows on each side; the first time we'd seen it that way.

Then in the Cotton Bowl against the Irish you did it again, with Freddie Steinmark on crutches and only one leg; both men willing the Horns to keep fighting for the win. Not only incredible on the gridiron, but Street could pitch, too!

Our prayers go out to the Street family, and our pleas, please, go out to UT Athletics and the Longhorn Nation... retire #16!

Hook 'Em James Street!

Posted by Rich Tharp - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

I remeber that comeback game!!!!! i am praying for the family!!!!!

Posted by GUSTAVUS FRAZIER - SAVANNAH, GA   September 30, 2013

Thanks for the great memories. You were my son's hero. Our prayers and our thoughts will be with your family. Longhorn Nation has suffered a grievous loss.

Posted by Gerry Murrell - Cypress, TX   September 30, 2013

Dear Street family we are sorry for your loss.May the comfort and strength only God can give be with you.

Posted by Bankston - IL   September 30, 2013

May the God of all comfort .

Posted by - atlanta, GA   September 30, 2013

James beat me out for a broadcasting job at KHFI in 1970. I didn't mind. Truth is, he could have been elected Governor. Ran into him a couple times since; he always had a firm handshake and a great smile. He as a good kid who became a very good man. Sorry to see him leave so soon.

Posted by Mike Kelley - Tomball, TX   September 30, 2013

I knew James from our days in the National Guard great friend and fellow soldier God bless him and his family

Posted by arthur osorio - austin, TX   September 30, 2013

May you be comforted in knowing that God will draw close to you if you draw close to him in prayer during your time of sorrow.

Posted by - Atlanta, GA   September 30, 2013

I am photographing a little boy this Thursday. His name is Street. When I asked about his name, his mom began to tell me about this quarterback named Street. Say no more. I know exactly who you are talking about and I remember him well. I am finding this an even bigger honor to photograph him this Thursday. Street to Peschel. What a memory. The drag was packed with horns honking. No pun intended. I am honored today more than ever to be a Longhorn. Thanks, James Street. You have a boy named after you because his parents loved you.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

So sorry for your loss. Was in your shoes 6years ago . Take good care of your self. Pat young. Don young,s. widow. Plano Texas

Posted by - OK   September 30, 2013

I remember the Sat on the Humble Southwest confernce radio broadcast as the announcer call ed ot James TD run against Arkansas.He did not give up. I have never meet James but have admired him since that day.

Posted by Andy Talley - Farmersville, TX   September 30, 2013

My thoughts and prayers to the Street family. James was a class act and I admired and respected him very much.

Posted by Jay Van Daley - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

As a kid in Alabama, I remember watching the Game of the Century crossed leg on the floor on Mobile, Al. I was a big Bama fan (still am)but really admired Street and Texas's fight against Arky that day. He was nothing but a winner. And from what I read here from those who knew him he was a winner all his life.

Posted by Ed Welch - Corpus Christi, TX   September 30, 2013

James presence on campus made for some very special times and memories that will not be forgotten. Our prayers and thoughts go out to your family.

Posted by Ted Thomas - Kingwood, TX   September 30, 2013

My prayers to Mrs. Street, the boys, and extended family memebers. I have been a Longhorn fan ever since I can remember. James was/IS a winner! My sons and I were in Austin for a game a few years back, and out of the clear blue sky here comes a man headed straight toward us. I thought where do I know this guy from???? Well, turns out it was James! He shook my hand as if he had known me all his life, and then asked the boys their names along with a smile, and a handshake I will never forget that moment of his graciousness.! May the Lord be with all of you !

Posted by Van Hogle - Keller, TX   September 30, 2013

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by - OH   September 30, 2013

Thanks for the memories. Larry & Martine Thomas '69 & '68

Posted by martine thomas - arlington, TX   September 30, 2013

God'a light is shining burnt orange in Heaven today. You will be missed for your contribution to various causes over the years.

Posted by Kay Gresham-Szabo - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

#16 never liked losing, and that attitude was contagious, even among some of us fans. Hail and farewell, James Street.

Posted by vaughan stewart - Lake Jackson, TX   September 30, 2013

james and I gre up in longview my father was our coach we ran together all during school his dad wea my picthing coach so we go way back in our history together I have a picture we james was 9 years old playing ball I will really miss him even though we lived apart but he has always been in thoughts will miss him
don brightwell

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Texas lost against A&M 10-7, but it was obvious the second half UT had another possible QB for the next year. What pleasuare and fun he brought to all of us fans. World will not be the same w/o him.

Posted by Skipper Steely - Paris, TX   September 30, 2013

I am a Texas Tech alum, but anyone who loves college football knows what a great longhorn, and player, he was. I remember watching the Great Shootout against Arkansas, and it is still one of the most exciting college football games in history. A slice of my youth was lost today.

My sincere condolences to the Street, and Longhorn, family.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

My first Longhorn hero. R.I.P. Mr. Street

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

What a sad day for Texas & the class of 1966 of Longview High School. My prayers with the Street family & James's twin, Mary.

Posted by Marsha Parsons - Amarillo, TX   September 30, 2013

Thanks James for all the good memories.

Posted by Jerry - Center   September 30, 2013

A Longhorn Legend has left us and he will live in football history. I was fortunate to watch him play on Memorial Stadium field under Coach Royal. Those were the best days in Longhorn football. God bless you James.

Posted by Kathy Holt - Little Rock, AR   September 30, 2013

My love and support go to Janie and the boys. The precious grand babies. We love James , he will forever be our buddy. Love you Janie

Posted by Linda and teddy Druss - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Hello James... good to see you, Freddie.

Posted by Jim Hummel - Richardson, TX   September 30, 2013

What a sad day this is. James is so much a part of memories of Longview High School. He was the King! I will always remember his beautiful smile. Thoughts and prayers for his family. I know he will be greatly missed.

Posted by Sherry Wyche-Edwards - La Porte, TX   September 30, 2013

Such a loss! Condolences to his family. Met him several times, so nice, so personable, a true Texas hero. Made me break down and cry!!

Posted by Terry Clements - Atlanta, GA   September 30, 2013

My father was a huge fan and as a kid I remember listening to the Arkansas game over and over again on record on his big old stereo. You will be missedQ

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013


rip you are in a better place now

Posted by - pgh, PA   September 30, 2013

Back in the 90s he walked into to our restaurant and I told him that we always have an open table for the last UT QB to win a National Championship. I had one of the best nights ever as a waiter getting to know him and his wife.

Posted by Kirk Hill - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

We watched from the stands when James played for the Longhorns, butgot to know him in his career designing structured settlements for our badly injured clients and their families. In that role, he was a good, caring person who worked to be sure our clients received full value for their settlement dollars. He was a capable and honorable businessman who used his humor and common sense to help settle disputes. He will be missed.

Posted by David & Rene Perry & Haas - Corpus Christi, TX   September 30, 2013

James was a great friend, and an awesome person & athlete.I have many wonderful high school memories as well as great memories of attending some of those fantastic games during his winning streak at UT. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family & his sister, Mary's family.

Posted by Kathy (Lilly) Hearn - Arlington, TX   September 30, 2013

Never got to meet James, but feel like I've lost a family member. Thanks so much
for the memories.

Posted by Edwin Dominey - Lufkin, TX   September 30, 2013

James will be sorely missed, even though his hometown of Longview didn't get to see him often. I grew up close to him, watched our LHS classmate of 66 excel in every sport, and then became a legend at UT, of which we were very proud. He was such a gentleman from a simple family and simpler times, sympathy to Mary and all of James's family.

Posted by Billy and Jan Cabbiness - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Thanks James for all the memories. You were a good guy on the field and off the field. What a great legacy you have left for your family and the state of Texas.

Posted by Jonthy Williams - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

RIP James. As an aspiring high school player in the 60's, I loved to watch you and your Horns play. I think Coach Royal referred to you as "the spindly whippet". Those were the days.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I knew James in HS as a sweet, sincere guy, who never said anything negative about anyone. We sang in the choir together where he was a key element in the choir's success at competition. RIP, sweet James.

Posted by Sara Shipman Wallace - San Diego, CA   September 30, 2013

Heard him sing "In the Midnight Hour" one night about 1970 and thought I was listening to Johnny Rivers. What couldn't he do?

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Sitting in the knothole section for $1 watching you & the Horns. Thank you so very much for the wonderful memories.
Hook Em Horns 4ever #16!

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I was a student at UT when James was QB, and was at the game when he replaced Bill Bradley. I had a sociology class with James during the time he was a campus "hero," and he was always just a regular, friendly guy. He was truly a major member of the Longhorn family.

Posted by Mike Spruiell - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

This is truly a sad day.I watched James play in Longview as well as when he joined the Longhorns. He was a great person on and off the field.

Posted by Jim Ellis - Tulsa, OK   September 30, 2013

We lost a fine man who did an excellent job or raising some fine sons. He was much more than the Quarterback and pitcher for UT. God is well pleased with this good and faithful son!

Posted by Pat & Cynthia Melvin - Azle, TX   September 30, 2013

Not only was he a dedicated family man but a good personal friend and a strong supporter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Without question he is in a happier, better place. My prayers are for family left behind and will experience great loss.
Dale Haralson
Tucson Az

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Put "16" above the Horn on everyone's helmet for rest of season. James Street ushered in the era we often refer to as "Texas Football".

Posted by Chrlie Moran - Woodland Park, CO   September 30, 2013

James: Thanks for the great memories and your contributions to he traditions of our great University!! Hook 'em Horns.

Posted by Dr Wayne Lawrence - Lufkin, TX   September 30, 2013

James was a fierce competitor on the field and in business. I remember him getting into a three point football stance at a legal convention to make a point to a potential clent. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Paul Lesti - Los Altos, CA   September 30, 2013

I met James through my practice as a trial lawyer. He helped many of our clients overcome their financial struggles through his services. What impressed us most about James was although he was a UT legend, he made EVERYONE else feel just as important. That trait of caring for others was so impressive to me. Thank you for sharing him with us. God bless and Hook'em Horns! Rest in peace dear friend. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Posted by Brantley White - Corpus Christi, TX   September 30, 2013

I was shocked on news about the passing of James Street. It is a sad day. James was not only a great athlete and representative of the University of Texas but a role model for many, especially his children and family. When one got in a conversation with James, he always wanted to talk about, and brag on, his children, not himself. James was a great person. My sincere condolences to James' wife, family, Paul Kristynik and his family.

Posted by Woody Roark - Tyler, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by PAT COLLINS - LONGVIEW, TX   September 30, 2013


Heck of a guy. He'll be missed.

Posted by Louis Mitchell - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James set the bar high for those who played sports with and against him. I was honored to play ball with him and compete against him. We're all better to have know James. My brother David nicknames in "Slick". Rest in peace James.

Posted by Patrick Odom - Tyler, TX   September 30, 2013

I never met Mr. Street but I was a lifelong fan. I was in the 9th grade when he led UT to a win over Arkansas in "The Big Shootout" and I was hooked, a Longhorn fan for life. May you rest in peace. My prayers go out to the family, team mates and thousands of Longhorn faithful on this sad day.

Posted by Fred Goodwin - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

Mr Street, what an amazing man. My father worked in the athlete's cafeteria while attending Texas and had the honor of knowing Mr Street. I was a student trainer for football when I attended Texas and knew Mr Street's legendary status and how he embodied all that the University represents: integrity, strength, academics, and the pursuit of excellence. Mr Street will be remembered as an amazing leader who left us all too soon. God bless you, Mr Street. We will miss you and we are praying for you and your family at this difficult time.

Posted by Rose Preciado - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

It was just two weeks ago that our Longview High School Group page on Facebook posted a thread that included memories of James. I was blessed to be his friend and classmate in High School. We sang in choir together. He was a tremendous spirit to be around. He always had a smile. I never saw him mad or angry at anyone. A TRUE TEXAS TREASURE. My thoughts are with his family. He was a leader, and an inspiration to all that knew him.

Posted by Bill Hoffer - Seattle, WA   September 30, 2013

I knew and played football with James at Longview. I was in "Nam when they won the National title.I sent an "atta boy" and several weeks later received a "goodie" box from the team.I have been a Longhorn fan since then.He was a good man and will be missed. Prayers to his family. "Clyde"

Posted by Steve Clark - Emment, TX   September 30, 2013

I worked with James in an insurance agency in the 80's--he was always a class act and much admired. My family will have his in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Sandy Sarris - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by Alice Guckian Queen - Fentress, TX   September 30, 2013

Posted by Steven Carroll - New York, NY   September 30, 2013

Janie and boys I am so sorry for your loss. James was an inspiration and mentor to the boys he coached, but also to those of us fortunate enough to have coached with and against him in youth sports. God bless to all.

Posted by Dick Dunavn - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

I was a 12 year old in New York City watching the Longhorns beat Arkansas in '69. I went to the University of Texas because of James Street, met my wife there, earned two degrees and changed my life. Became president of the LA Texas Exes. I was fortunate enough to interview James for a Longhorn documentary I produced years ago. Condolences to your family. Hook 'Em James.

Posted by Vince Cesarani - Los Angeles, CA   September 30, 2013

I remember James as he was to me. He would smile, his face would light up, he would shake your hand, and he would ask how he could help. It didn't matter what the issue was, he wanted to help, and made a life of helping people who needed help. What a great legacy

Posted by Jack London - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

So sad to see a living legend leave us in his prime. His teams and his accomplishments will forever be a highlight in UT football history. The passing of him and DKR in the same year is a real hit to the living UT family. I am honored to have known him.

Posted by Bill Frizzell - Tyler, TX   September 30, 2013

Class gentleman. We will miss you! I bet you and DKR have a blast!

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

After having the privilege to work with Mr. Street - hearing of his time at UT and how much pride he cascaded down upon those that would listen - his infectious smile could not help to be felt.. As well hearing the pride of his sons and his family as a whole - Texas has lost a kind heart and a true legacy. Heaven has been blessed with an Amazing Longhorn - I thank you for the time.

Posted by Allison Remers - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Our hero for years!!! We'll remember him forever!!! The little man can always conquer with hope and determination.

Posted by Charles Placker - Victoria, TX   September 30, 2013

His tremendous accomplishments at Texas aside, his legacy of family, kindness, and support of others in need will always be the greatest achievements we will honor. Rest in Peace.

Posted by David & Mary Plaisance - Pflugerville   September 30, 2013

My two sons grew up with the street family. Never heard a negative word come out of that mans mouth. Always in fine spirits. Janie and James raised their boys always to have the utmost respect for their friends and parents. Our thoughts are with the Street family. Dunton Zach Marshall.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

A great Austinite with a smile to all and a person you wanted to be around because of his manner, spirit and understanding of what it takes to lead and win. He was an inspiring citizen throughout my days in public life because he understood the responsibilites to lead and serve people. He, along with his sons, gave many a thrill to all of us and may all in his immediate and extended family know all of Austin and much of Texas are with you at this time. May God Bless James Street and each of you

Posted by Lee Cooke - Austin   September 30, 2013

I've always thought of you as one of my Longhorn heroes. It was an honor to meet and talk to you. My prayers and thoughts go to your family.

Posted by Terry Taylor - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Coach Street,

You were my little league baseball coach at Western Hills Little League here in Austin. It was truly an honor to play for you, and have the opportunity to become friends with your sons. You taught me the true meaning to be competitive and aggressive in sports, and I greatly appreciate everything you did for me at a young age.

As the years went on, I would see you out in the community and you still would have that big smile and excited voice about you to greet me.

Thank you, Coach.

Posted by Scott Stewart - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James was one of the good guys. A fooball player of reknown who was a down to earth and lovely human being whose presence on this earth shall be missed. God Bless you on your journey, James.

Posted by Bellinda Myrick-Barnett - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

I had the pleasure of meeting James in '79 while a student reporter for The Daily Texan, doing a story on the 10-year anniversary of The Big Shootout. He was engaging, funny, witty and treated me with respect and grace. He was a hero to me as a young Longhorn fan, growing up and watching UT teams dominate in the late '60's and early '70's. My son and nephews got the chance to meet him a few years ago, and he couldn't have been nicer to them - introducing himself as "Houston's dad." But they knew who he was...and that I looked up to him.

My thoughts and prayers are with James and his family. Please know that he was a tremendous inspiration to me, and how I choose to live my life.

Posted by John Rooke - Berkley, MA   September 30, 2013

We were never out of a game when Street was the qb or pitcher.How many people lead their team to a national championship and then a few months later throws a no hitter.Nice guy.Never was too busy.Hook em!

Posted by Bill Kelly - Elgin, TX   September 30, 2013

So sad to hear of your father's passing. What an amazing legacy and inspiration to so many people not only in athletics but life. Praying for your family during this difficult time. Will remember UT Baseball days as one big family. Peace & Love.

Posted by Larry FRalk - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Although only a student manager, James always treated all of us as teammates. He was one of my earliest leadership rolemodels. A sad day and a great loss. Rest in Peace, James.

Posted by Jim Kay - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

A true class act. James posed for a picture with my kids, Coach Royal, and my wife just last year. Of the several times I have dealt with him professionally, he has never failed to ask about my family. We are praying now for the Street family, and the family of Longhorns who will miss James Street. Longhorn, father, businessman, gentleman.

Posted by Charles Peckham - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

I had the good fortune of knowing James quite well during the 80's and 90's. He was simply one of the best men I have ever known. James is the greatest Texas Longhorn. Nobody beyond Coach Royal himself has done more, on and off the field, for the legend of University of Texas football than James. God bless you and keep you.

Posted by John Robert Pharr - Dallas, TX   September 30, 2013

So sorry to hear this news. We live in Marshall, Texas, just 25 miles from James' hometown of Longview. My husband played against James' Lobos as a Marshall Maverick. They recruited together visiting colleges. My husband played against James again as an Arkansas Razorback in the big Shootout between Texas/Arkansas. We so enjoyed visiting with him at the reunion of the Shootout held in Austin 5 years ago. RIP sweet James.

Posted by Joyce/Ronnie Hammers - Marshall, TX   September 30, 2013

To the James Street Family: Sorry to hear that James Street Passed away, he used to date my sister back in the day when he was single. he was a great friend and a great Football Player that Played for UT in 1969.

Posted by Benita (Beni) Fleming - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

So very sorry for you and the boys...know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by cline young    September 30, 2013

After attending two Olympics, three NC games, two Super Bowls and countless other college football games, the '69 "Game of the Century", ranks above all others.
James Street's accomplishments on and off the field should be envied, admired and honored by all.

Posted by Dan Cain - Bella Vista, AR   September 30, 2013

King of Longview High School
1966, star quarterback and friend..... Always kind and smiling. Twin sister Mary. That is how I will remember him. Condolences to the family. Suzette

Posted by Suzette Holley-Pelayo - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

Thank you for the kind legacy you left to our community.

Posted by Libbie Toler - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013


Posted by Ron Lasseter - TX   September 30, 2013

He was so much more than a quarterback. He was a Little League coach, a life mentor, a business promoter, a guy with God's spirit, and my friend. You are missed.

Posted by Jim Mallios - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James Street was the epitome of class even though he broke my heart when I was little and he was a Longhorn! Sad in Arkansas, Rodney Staggs

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013


This is such a sad day. God speed James. You were one of the very best to come out of UT. It was wonderful to watch you play football. God Bless your family.

Posted by Pat Rogers - Kyle, TX   September 30, 2013

I didn't know him long enough, but was blessed to cross paths. He was a true "gentleman" in every word and my wife adored James. Condolences to the Street family, remeber the parting is temporary.

Posted by Justin & Karen Williams - Corpus Christi, TX   September 30, 2013

Rip James Street, You ran that wishbone to perfection. I will never forget, thank you for all the great memories.

Posted by Keith Wilson - Alvin, TX   September 30, 2013

As a teenager growing up in Austin, I was in awe of James Street. I remember playing pick up games trying to emulate running the wishbone like him. So sad to hear of his passing. A great person and Longhorn. God's blessings and comfort to the Street family.

Posted by Jim Wade - Springfield, MO   September 30, 2013

James loved life,life loved him back.He will be missed. {Trey} Boone H. Heep III

Posted by BOONE HEEP - AUSTIN, TX   September 30, 2013

The Aboussie Family is shocked and saddened to hear this news. Our sympathy and prayers go out to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

Posted by Marilyn Aboussie - San Angelo/Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

My heart is weeping. James, you were the best Longhorn footballer ever. You showed us that height, weight and speed are overrated. It is and always will be about heart. You left us way too early my friend. My prayers and meditations will be constant for your family. Rest in peace my friend.

Posted by al ellis - dallas, TX   September 30, 2013

Very sad day.

Posted by Will Maiberger - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

Janie, just heard the very sad news about James. I am heartbroken for you and your family. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Love to you! Karen Lowrey

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

James, we'll all miss you. You were a great friend. We loved watching you play, and doing business with you these past many years.

Posted by Robby Alden - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

One of the best role models the UT program ever had. Undefeated in everything he participated in and always carried himself with class. His presence and charm will be missed.

Prayers are with the Street family.

Posted by Trey Hoffman - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

My daughter is a UT sophomore. She was at dinner celebrating her roommate's birthday a few weeks ago and James Street was in the restaurant. The girls introduced themselves. Street was nice enough to pose for a Hook'em picture with the girls and sign a 'Happy Birthday' autograph to the birthday girl. Class act.

Posted by James Montalbano - Houston, TX   September 30, 2013

One that made Texas great. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Hogye Hogle - Azle, TX   September 30, 2013

Thanks for the memories. May your burnt orange light shine brightly in heaven.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

A true Longhorn legend who will be dearly missed and never forgotten. Rest in peace & Hook'em Horns forever !

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

A "Longhorn in the Sky".

Posted by Joe Lovelace - Dripping Springs, TX   September 30, 2013

Deepest sympathies to James' family and friends. A close childhood friend from Longview who did not stay in touch over the years, I am among the many who were most fortunate to have known him. His life and memories mean so much to so many. God Bless.

Posted by Ron Jemelka - Olympia, WA   September 30, 2013

God bless and comfort the Street family. May their needs be provided for.

Posted by Bruce Burton - Austin   September 30, 2013

I am sad first for the street family.selfishly I am sad to lose a friend of three decades. I will miss his charitable side and his amazing storytelling. Rest in peace James,everyone you touched loves you and your spirit will live to the end of time.

Posted by Russell Korman - TX   September 30, 2013

A friend since his freshman year at UT, that's continued for all these years. A giving, caring, loving father and friend to many. Rest in peace!

Posted by Roger Joseph - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

RIP, Slick;
You are now back witk Coach DKD & Freddie S. It was a pleasure knowing you. Condolences to yor family.. "TILL GABRIEL BLOWS HIS HORN"!

Posted by Steve Willmann - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James was a great guy and a great Longhorn. He was an inspiration to countless people. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by James Cooke - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

James Street was a class person, a true champion in every respect. I'm proud to have known him as a friend. Our hearts are deeply saddened.
Chuck Dicus
Razorbacks 68-69-70

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Posted by Lee Hooper - Lewisville, TX   September 30, 2013

Posted by Kent Lesley - Horseshoe Bay, TX   September 30, 2013

James, Your football legacy will never be forgotten. I will pray for your family. I'll never forget that run against Arkansas and how you were so humble in church days after. You sir, were a true role model. May God give your family comfort.

Posted by Joe Koesel - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013

Our deepest sympathy to the Street family. James occupies a special place in Longhorn history, and in the hearts of all UT fans.

John and Cynthia Adkins

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

He was a special person to me as a teenage Texas fan growing up. He was kind and accessible later in life when I often saw him at UT baseball games when his sons were playing.

A loss to us all...

Posted by James W Nixon, III - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2013

James Street will always remain my favorite, over-achieving UT QB and won a National Champonship on a great team of good players.
John Warrick, UT Class'73

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

One of my all time favorites... Will really be missed... Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Randall Barron - Celina, TX   September 30, 2013

James "Slick" Street was an ideal hero for the times, and along with Coach Royal showed a generation of true competitors that which was both possible and excellent.

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2013

Thanks for all the wonderful memories

Posted by Terry Clark - Grand Junction, CO   September 30, 2013

Sad to hear of the loss; prayers for all of his family.

Posted by Tom & Jan Stratton - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

Remembering you James. You will be greatly missed

Posted by Larry Lawson - Austin, TX   September 30, 2013

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Mike Graves - Longview, TX   September 30, 2013