Julius Pierce Seeger

  • Born: July 6, 1922
  • Died: December 15, 2011
  • Location: Austin, Texas

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Julius Pierce Seeger, age 89, a long-time Austin resident, passed away on December 15, 2011. He came into this world on July 6, 1922 in McKinney, Texas. Like many loving and caring parents of a deaf child, Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Bera Seeger wanted their child to have a well-rounded education at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD). During his first years at TSD, he often spent time with his McNamara cousins and beloved Aunt Olive. He often took McNamara bakery goods back to the school to share with his fellow students. After the great depression, his parents relocated their bakery business and their five children to Austin in 1931. At the time, TSD had quality academic, vocational, military, athletic and scouting programs. The sacrifice paid off when Julius graduated from TSD in 1943 and went on to get two college degrees, a B.A. Degree in Education from the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the world, Gallaudet University, in 1949 and an M.A. Degree in Psychology from another quality university, the University of Texas at Austin in 1968.

Julius had a special sign name that is well known in the Deaf Community by the way of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture: the pinkie finger touches the shoulder, then travels down quickly to touch the lower arm, communicating that he was a strong man. The sign name is reminiscent of the immaculate uniforms he proudly wore either as a Lieutenant Colonel Commander or Explorer Scout Master at TSD where he taught generations of students the necessary self-discipline and the sport of camping, fishing and hunting. He also taught the students outdoor cooking, especially with a lot of brick butter to go on the BBQ meats. He was like Food Channel's "iron chef" in his glory days of great cooking of any cuisine or style, especially fantastic desserts.

Indeed, cooking was his specialty as much as his passion for teaching and counseling at TSD where he worked for 37 years. His culinary and housekeeping expertise enabled his beloved wife, Ruth Mae Taubert Seeger, to become a successful track and field coach at the high school and international level. Upon their simultaneous retirement in 1987, Julius encouraged Ruth to become one of the nation's most celebrated and medaled senior citizen track and field athletes, winning more than an unprecedented 300 medals from 1991 to 2004. Their only son, Mark Seeger, who sometimes drove his parents across the city or state to those senior games, is a nationally known certified interpreter for the deaf and a dedicated professional advocate for the social and communicative needs of the Deaf Community. Between the achievements of his wife and his son, Julius had time for himself in terms of giving back to TSD and the Texas Deaf Community.

Historically, he became one of the first true deaf jurors in Travis County, an unprecedented role he cherished. Besides volunteering as an Explorer master for years, Julius focused his interest on the interpreting, educational and social needs of the Deaf Community in Travis County as well as the great State of Texas. He became a board member of the Travis County Services for the Deaf Advisory Board as well as the American Foundation of Elderly Deaf and Vaughn House (VH) of Austin. At VH, he became its director as well, which testifies to his interest in the needs of multi-handicapped Deaf adults. Julius also became president of the Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) from 1982 to 1984. For his advocacy and legislative efforts, TAD gave him the Rehabilitation Award.

The most recent honor Julius received was having the Career, Technology and Education facility at TSD named in his honor. That facility was unveiled as "The Julius P. Seeger Career Center" before his family, friends and TSD staff on August 16, 2008.

Other organizations, such as Sertoma Club of Austin and the Texas Department of Human Resources, awarded and commended Julius for his excellent community service on behalf of the Deaf. Two more distinctive awards stood out strongly: the Order of the Arrow from the National Brotherhood of Scout Honor Campers and the induction into the Texas School for the Deaf Alumni Association Hall of Fame as a community leader. Not many people realize that Julius also served as president of the TSD-PTA in the 1970s, which showed how much he cared for the overall education of deaf children in Texas.

And he still found time to gain his credentials as a Licensed Professional Counselor and deaf intermediary sign language interpreter from the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. His reputation as a great cook and meticulous housekeeper continued beyond his retirement until health problems forced him to enter a health care facility in 2005.

According to many of his close friends and colleagues, Julius was the consummate volunteer with a heart of gold who was always there to help with an honest smile. He was a warm and friendly person who welcomed anyone in his home, office, printing shop, camp or at any kind of meeting. Never one to flaunt his talents, contributions or act of kindness and professionalism, Julius was an unassuming southern gentleman who personally preferred to be in the background so that others could enjoy the limelight of fame, success, skills, knowledge and happiness. In hindsight, Julius was the epitome of humility, a quality lacking in this materialistic world. Indeed, Julius will be solely missed by the Texas Deaf community, his loving family, fellow TSD alumni, former students, and friends.

Julius was preceded in death by his parents, Edward and Bera Seeger; one older brother, George Seeger; one younger sister, Rhea Fernandes.

Survivors include his wife of 62 years, Ruth; his son, Mark and his partner, Jeff; Julius' older brother, Billy; younger brother, Lawrence; a special nephew, Bob Taubert; as well as many other beloved nephews and nieces and cousins throughout the Seeger, Taubert, and McNamara families.

A Memorial Service with reception to follow will be held at 3:00 pm on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, 2620 South Congress Avenue.

In lieu of flowers, the family asked that memorial contributions be made to the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation.

TSD Foundation
PO Box 42727
Austin, Texas 78704

Donations can be made online at: www.tsdfoundation.org.

The family would like to extend our sincere thanks to the staff of the Summit at Westlake Hills, Heart–to-Heart Hospice, AlzCare of San Marcos, and the "Boss" (Jo) for their many hours of loving care.

The family would like to thank Dr. Steve Baldwin for composing the obituary.


Condolence & Memory Journal

Dearest Mark & Ruth, We are very sorry about your beloved Father and Husband with our sympathy time. We are lovable, remember him at TSD he is very good man and wonderful role of man at TSD to the student for the years.
We will miss him and we pray for Ruth too. She is a wonderful teacher to the Girls from Physical Education too. Mark you have the blessing wonderful parent you have. Our thoughts and prayers are with you that we will keep praying for you..
In His Love,
Max & Dorothy Floyd

Posted by Max & Dorothy Floyd - Midland, TX - Friend   February 13, 2012


Dear Ruth and Mark:

I was so very sorry to hear of your beloved husband and father passing. I know you can take comfort in the knowledge that he has received his Glory in the presence of his Lord.

I am so privileged to have known Julius all my life, as well as you, Ruth and Mark. Our lives were made better by being a part of your lives. Mark, I know you have done so much for your parents over the last several years and the deaf community gives you a huge thank you, for we love your parents.

Thinking of you during this difficult time with much love and peace.

Sandra Hassell

Posted by Sandra Hassell - Austin, TX - friend   December 29, 2011

Mark and Aunt Ruth:

I didn't know Julius very well, because life took us in different directions, but I do have fond memories of him during family times, especially a Christmas in Del Rio, where he was trying to show my then 13 month old daughter Crystal, how to stack some colored rings into one of those Fisher-Price toys, and she ended up handing him the rings and making him do all the work. How we all laughed that day! To this day, the memory makes me smile.

I was very fond of Uncle Julius and also of Aunt Ruth. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to know you all better while Julius was alive, but I have fond memories of the last family reunion he attended when he met my grandson George. I want you to know that we miss him. Family reunions won't be the same without him there.

Posted by Maria Seeger - Katy, TX - Niece by marriage   December 28, 2011

Mark, Jeff, Ruth and family,

Rosie and I would like to say the following: 1) Mark and Jeff are very devoted to their parents on a consistent basis; 2) hence, such parents are lucky and proud; and 3) beside what was written in the obituary, which is all true, Julius left another legacy via his filmmaking endeavors that many are not aware of. We will never forget how Julius enjoyed his own films via DVD format at the Summit: some of his films contributed to the success of the TAD film in 2009.

Posted by Steve Baldwin and Rosie Serna - Austin, TX - Friends   December 27, 2011

Dear Ruth, Mark and Jeff,
My heart is sad for Julius's passing but elated for his new life in Heaven. I know that Julius loved you all dearly and would have stayed forever by Ruth's side.
He is a wonderful example to all who have known him as a loving husband, father and friend to all. I was blessed in my life to have Ruth and Julius as my Godparents and feel it was such a honor for me. They have been there in every part of my life. Julius was about the only person who was brave enough to babysit me as an infant, and has been there for me ever since.
Mark, your dad is now in Gods great kitchen cooking one of his wonderful meals and fantastic desserts for all above. I imagine that he is quite comfortable, and waiting to see his family again.
I love you all.
Ferri Lou

Posted by Ferri Lou Redden (Poss) - Austin, TX - godchild   December 26, 2011

Being 12 years old and growing up, I lacked a male figure to whom I would respect and emulate. I choose JP to be that person. He was my cadet commander at the time I was enrolled at TSD. He was a tower of strength whenever he stood at attention with his chest puffed out. He commanded respect from all the boys assigned to Koen Hall. Since then and for the past 70 years, JP has helped me become the person I am now. Furthermore, he adopted my family and treated each one as if they were his own. JP will be missed and always have a special place in my heart. Bert Poss

Posted by Bert Poss - Alpine, TX - Family friend   December 24, 2011


Dear Ruth and Mark,
Our love and symathy goes to you two. I know how dearly Julius was. I have know you two over the years through my mother and uncle. He is at home and serenity. We will not forget him and you Ruth too.

Pauline and Leon Laster

Posted by Pauline Laster - Thurmont, MD - daughter of Maria Antonia Montez   December 23, 2011

i am sorry about julius i will pray for ruth and mark .ok i am memeber 1978 at tsd i know ruth and julius are work hards for tsd many years i know you are best sports years many .you are good teracher your studens about it.i miss him i pray them ok .thasnks patrick emery at tsd 1978

Posted by Patrick Emery - Kerrville, TX - Friend   December 23, 2011


Mark & Jeff, May you feel the strength from all the love your Dad had for you and that he had from so many others. I remember how, as a fledgling interpreter, he always made me feel comfortable and welcome in the community. His energy and passion in all aspects of life was one to be marvelled. He will be greatly missed, but his spirit always with us.

Posted by Toni Dunne - Bastrop, TX - friend   December 21, 2011


Posted by Mary Jo Stevens - Weimar, TX - Friend   December 21, 2011

I will surely miss you your charming face at ALZCARE. You always made me smile when I saw you. May the Lord bless your family during these hard times.


Posted by SHIN - KYLE, TX   December 20, 2011


Mr. Seeger was a person I only knew casually as someone associated with some of the members of the Deaf school as a volunteer to one of the homes for the deaf many years ago. I admired his wife, Ruth very much also, and was very proud of their son, Mark. It was through Mark I learned about Texas relay and remember when he took me on a tour of the building when it was brand new. I am totally deaf, wear a cochlear implant, and am almost 84 years old, so though I was not an intimate friend of the Seegers, I was very proud to know them at all, and glad he could stand up for the deaf community as he did.
I just want to send my condolences to Rugh and Mark for I know their loss is very real and am glad they have so many wonderful memories to recall of this good man of God.

Sincerely, Nancy Stefanou Decker

Posted by Nancy Stefanou - Austin, TX - friend   December 20, 2011

Wonderful memories of a wonderful man who raised and loved a truly wonderful son. My heart and prayers to you!

Posted by Billy Collins Jr - Austin, TX - Lifetime friend   December 19, 2011

Cousin Julius was always one of my favorite people. He LOVED his family... I don't mean just Cousin Ruth and Mark.... his ENTIRE family.... ALL of us! He always wanted to know what was happening in our lives... and he never forgot from one time to the next. He was a great communicator. He never leaned on his deafness as a handicap. He'd do whatever it took to get his point across. He was one also one of the funniest people I have ever known! He always made us laugh with that deep down gut laugh when tell us stories. He LOVED our family reunions... especially the talent shows!! How he loved to laugh and have fun with all of us. And, oh how our family loved him!!!

As a teacher myself, I was privileged to work at a campus that was the home to the deaf elementary children in our county. I considered that as a HUGE blessing. I always learned so much from those students and I always took the opportunity to let them know about Julius and Ruth and their successful lives as part of the deaf community. I encouraged them to set their standards high and see their deafness, not as a handicap, but as a stepping stone to achieve their dreams! I am now seeing these young folks succeed and give back to their communities. I thank Cousin Julius for teaching me to look beyond so-called "handicaps/disabilities/challenges" and to set high expectations for all my students... no matter what had or who they are. I was a better teacher because of Julius. He was a blessing to me and my students.

Thank you, Cousin Julius! Your life was an inspiration to many more than you'll ever know!! I'm so excited that you can now hear the angels sing and birds chirping! What a wonderful Christmas present to ALL of your family!

Rest in Peace, Cousin!


Posted by Sarah Ferrell - Nacogdoches, TX - first cousin.... once removed   December 19, 2011


My thoghts and prayers are with you.


Lauri Metcalf

Posted by Lauri Metcalf - San Antonio, TX - friend   December 19, 2011

I will remember visiting with you at The Summit and bringing you Frito's and candy and seeing your face light up and your eyes widen.
I will remember the way you doted over mom, always making sure she was being treated well.
I will remember our Thanksgiving lunch with mom and Mark.
I will remember how happy it made you to be the father of such a successful son. Oh, how you loved your Mark!
You will be missed Julius. I loved the silly side of you.
Prayers and heartfelt sympathy to Mark and Mom.

Posted by Kathleen Rogers - Austin, TX - Friend   December 19, 2011

Dear Mark and Ruth,

Julius was a dear friend and an inspiration in so many ways. He encouraged and loved so many throughout his life. We are thankful for his example and wisdom and know that he made a difference in the lives of so many. Our prayers are with you and your family at this time.

Sha and Tom Cowan

Posted by Sha and Tom Cowan - Dripping Springs, TX - friends   December 19, 2011

As a retired TSD employee, I have many fond memories of Julius. He was a delightful person and so well liked.
My thoughts & prayers are with Mark, Ruth, and the family and friends.

Mary Polk

Posted by Mary Polk - Wimberley, TX - Friend   December 18, 2011

To Ruth, Mark, Jeff and family: Julius was a man that was unassuming, fun, honest, and there was no pretense whatsover with this gentleman. He had no guile. I witnessed countless displays of selfless altruism and he wanted to improve the lives of others. His upbringing, no doubt, provided ample and solid guidance in steering him well through life. He is a dying breed-- a protector and provider for his family, a civic servant, a patriot, and a first class American. My memories are many and my heart is heavy. From the Tom Berg/Betty Berg family we offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences on the loss of your husband and your Father. We love you and honor his memory,

Much Love,
Jennifer Howell (Berg)

Posted by Jennifer Howell - Round Rock, TX - friend   December 17, 2011

My deepest sympathy to Ruth and Mark on their loss. I will always remember Julius as my classmate with auburn hair like myself! I have pleasant memories of our time at Gallaudet.

Posted by Jean Zisman - Rockville, MD - Gallaudet Classmate   December 17, 2011

Dear Ruth and Mark,

I am sorry to hear about him. I know how hard you have been through all years and has full life enjoyed with many memories.
I want to say to you Thank you very much that your husband had been counselor me about Peers. I learn a lot and I now able to social. May God comfortable you and Mark. Great to see you all was last in Summer of 150 celebration. I still think what Ruth told me about your husband fun time all night around the building. I think He is enjoy than being boring. You knew. Now, he is dance with Jesus. Take care yourself and Mark. God bless you and Mark.

Love in Christ,

Posted by Christine Webb (Phillips) - Longview, TX - friend   December 17, 2011

I just want to be sharing with you about Julius Pierce Seeger.He was very smart and nice guy from his warm heart to be caring about deaf studnet and deaf community as the respectful as the truth always.also, He and his wife were very active to support deaf education and sports active at TSD student and Community for many years. We do miss them from our warm heart as the respect as the truth always..

Former student at TSD of 1976

Former Governing Board Member of TSD 1996-2004

Posted by Aulby Larry Gillett - San Angelo, TX - Friend   December 17, 2011

Dear Ruth, Mark and friends of Austin,

During late 80's, I visited Austin twice. Julius was a wonderful man that I ever enjoyed interacting with him and his beautiful wife, Ruth. May God be with you and my thoughts are with you, Ruth and Mark. Sarah

Posted by Sarah Burton Doleac - MD - Friend   December 17, 2011

Class of TSD 1944 and the Class of 1949 have losta great friend and will be missed....
Class mate.... Don B

Posted by D.H.Bradford - austin, TX - Class mate and great friend   December 17, 2011

Enjoyed staying w/ Julius/Ruth while visiting Austin in the '80.

Stories! Enjoyed hearing stories of his parents bakery store and his mule rides to TSD. Also being the alarm clock for Jack H.

Also Mark,Julius & Ruth have open their arms to help the Austin deaf community.

Posted by Ms. laura F. Laird - austin, TX - former student and friend   December 17, 2011


Julius and Ruth lit an endless flame in the hearts of American Foundation for the Elderly Deaf, Inc general partner of La Vista Retirement Communtiy as part of the original founders and perpetual supporters. That flame will continue to light the pathways for deaf senior citizens served by American Foundation for the Elderly Deaf, Inc. We miss you. We cherish how you have touched our lives.

Posted by Dr. Daisy A. Palmer - Austin, TX - Friend   December 17, 2011