Condolence & Memory Journal

Still find myself amazed to have known such an inspiring woman and her family. Much love.

Posted by Laura Bjornson - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 05, 2016

Still think of you, miss you. Prayers sent regularly for all your children, those caring for them, and for you and Clint in the hope that the love shared continues to be felt.

Posted by Laura Chastine - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 05, 2013

Still think of you, miss you. Prayers sent regularly for all your children, those carrying for them, and for you and Clint in the hope that the love shared continues to be felt.

Posted by Laura Chastine - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 05, 2013

Still think of you

Posted by Laura Chastine - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 05, 2013

Jennifer, it is with so much sadness that i am just leaving about your passing today. To your family, i hope the best for all the kids and those who are caring for the children. If i can ever do something to help, please get in touch with me.

Posted by Shawna - alachua, FL - friend   November 29, 2012

I just saw this and can't believe it. I am in shock. I am utterly devestated. I don't know what to say. I am in the army and this happened while I was in Iraq. Will somebody please contact me and tell me whhat happened. Christy? Please contact me. I am so sorry. Jennifer I will miss you more than you will ever know. I will cherish you in my heart always. I will always love you


Posted by Clint Herzik - austin, TX - ex boyfriend, childhood friend   August 08, 2012


Looking at your photo shown here, I wish I could reach out and touch you again and hug you and listen to you. I love you so much Jennifer, I mourn for you everyday. I just want you to come back to us.....

Posted by Christy Recio - austin, TX - sister   October 29, 2011

Dearest Family of Jennifer,
I am beside myself with sadness at Jennifer's passing, and send my most heartfelt condolences for your shocking loss. I was her midwife for the birth of Emma in Austin. I loved my prenatal visits with her and her most attentive and loving Clint, and her darling William. Her labor and home birth of Emma was accomplished with determination, honesty, and beauty. For those of us attending her birth, she was our hero and shining star. She was very special to me, and I loved her.

Susie Terwilliger

Posted by Susie Terwilliger - Eagle River, AK - midwife and friend   October 16, 2011

Jen was the founder of a parenting group in Gainesville that I had joined and I'd been reading her writings for months before I actually met her. I felt like I knew her before I ever met her and knew that once we met in person, we'd be great friends. I loved her from the start and was amazed by her strength, grace, generosity, sense of humor in difficult times - and just how wise she could be in times where the solution was not apparent. I actually met her several weeks before Clint was diagnosed with cancer so didn't have the fortune of getting to know him in good times. I was one of hundreds, if not thousands, that was inspired by their story and the way Jen fought so hard for her husband's life. Our friendship was forged during a time of great distress but that didn't mean that it wasn't full of laughter and happiness. Jen had the easiest smile of anyone I've come across - and how it lit up a room. That is what I'll miss the most - and will hold on dearly to the inspiration she provided in my life and to those around her. The last time I saw Jen was a chance encounter - I literally ran into her at the Atlanta heading back to Gainesville and she returning from Gainesville to Texas. She spotted me as I was walking through the terminal and we sat with each other for a while to catch up. It was such a delight to see her and we just couldn't believe we were sitting there in front of each other at that moment. When we departed ways - she yelled back to me that she loved me and it filled my heart with joy to have made that connection with her at that moment. I walked away thinking how special it was and now I will be forever grateful for that chance to say goodbye. She is surely going to be a guiding presence in the lives of those beautiful children which brings me great comfort. I only hope they will always know how deeply they were loved by their mother. I send my deepest condolences to Jen's family and friends. Jen's life was such a gift.

Posted by Stephanie Wear - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 15, 2011


We moved to Florida from New Jersey in 2003, the same year when Clint came to UF. Occasionally, I met Clint at the campus and he was always very friendly to chat with me, so I knew he had two kids... then three... then four....and he told me Jenn was home schooling the kids, that was really amazing~~~

I remembered I had a toddler bed that my kids were growing out but still in very good shape, so I asked him if they need one or not, he told me that one of theirs just broke the day before! So I went to his house delivered the bed and finally met Jenn the first time~~~ she had beautiful bright smiles, energetic and friendly.

During Clint's illness, me and Jenn got more connected, reading her writing on Caring Bridge and Facebook inspired me a lot.....she is such a great writer that touched so many hearts. I went to her house several times helping around during her pregnancy, her house was still very organized, the laundry machines seemed never stopped....

One time, I brought some vegetables from my garden, she asked my help to cook and was very amazed that the kids love the fresh green vegetables, ate a lot in a short time! I was also curious how she managed to home school these kids, one thing she told me was: each kid got one more daily chore to do as they grow one more year old! One of Emma's chores was to compose the stuff, she was such a cute sweet girl, grabbing some bags of food that needed to be composed, took me over to the back yard, we shared a great moment there~

I met Jenn again on the day they move, took some pictures, thinking it would be a good memory for her and the kids in the future when looking back in the days looking at these photos brings me many memories just came back ~~Jenn, your sharing posts touched my heart, inspired me a lot. It's so heartbreaking to lose you.....but I know you are in peace now with your beloved Clint... watching over the kids as they growing up, and you will live in my heart forever~~

Posted by Wenhsing Wu - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 15, 2011


Do not worry if suddenly the person you loved is gone. Realize that love is in and out of our lives. But true love is forever . Blessed be.

Posted by Belinda - Austin, TX   October 14, 2011


Jennifer was a friend to my daughter when they were teens, and visited in our home as such. (I was divorced and a single mom, working as an LVN at that time.) She always had a shy, sweet presence and an easy smile even then. Holly and she stayed in touch, and because of their friendship, I continued to see her for happy events, and to hear updates on Jennifer's life. Her loves, her happiness, her successes, her tragic loss with Clint... Jennifer's desire to make that loss a statement of love through her writing, through her own life... She was given tremendous life challenges, and climbed each mountain courageously. May God give her children the peace of knowing that their mom is with the angels in Heaven, and that she and their dad watch over them from that spiritual plane now. Along with the many people in this life that love them also. May God Bless this family with life, love, health, and peace. Above All; God's Healing Peace and Love.

Posted by Peggy Kennedy Herrin Beeber - Lago Vista, TX - friend   October 14, 2011


Even though it has been several years since I worked with Jennifer, she left a lasting impression on me. I remember her sparkle, quick wit and gentle grace and I especially admired her close, loving relationship with her devoted husband, Clint.
To Jennifer's family and friends, please accept my sincere sympathy on her untimely passing. I hope you find some consolation in the outpouring of sympathy, memorial entries, and offers of support.

Posted by Kelli Tims - TX   October 14, 2011

Jennifer touched my heart so profoundly with her sweet, loving nature and her vibrant, positive spirit. I am so glad that I told her very recently that I loved her unconditionally and that nothing would ever change that. The world has lost a great light, but I believe that everyone who knew her will carry a little of that light in their hearts. The very reason that we are all mourning her loss so much is that she brought so much joy to our lives. I feel so blessed to have known her, and my heart aches for all of her family members who surely feel this loss even more acutely than I do. May they know nothing but love, joy, peace, health, and contentment all the rest of their lives.

Posted by Sarah McCoy - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 14, 2011

I never had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer in person. Our paths met after the passing of Clint. Clint and I grew up together as kids and she asked me to give her stories about Clint as a child, so the kids could know all about their father. I came to know her through Facebook and she was such a tremendous person. The world has truly lost one of the special people who only add to this life. My prayers to the children. Jennifer, may you find peace with Clint in heaven!!

Posted by Scott Kaufmann - Kokomo, IN   October 14, 2011


Jennifer was one of the women to whom I looked up to as an example of what mothering was all about - she taught me so much. She seemed to have an intuition for what her friends needed in their lives and her gentle way of approaching advice always left you feeling uplifted and understood. I am the parent I am today because of her compassion and commitment to our mama community.

I enjoyed getting to know her and Clint and praying with them, praying for healing and for peace during Clint's illness. I wish I had done more for them during that time and I wish I hadn't been so afraid to reach out to her after Clint's death. She was clearly going through such deep pain and I can only imagine the pressure to stay strong. And she was strong. I will never forget her smile, and her humor, and her generous heart....she did really have a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room. I take comfort in that she and Clint are on their spiritual journey together now.

I pray every day for Kathy and for William, Emma, Ryan, Jack and Thom and all of the other caring relatives and friends that surround them. I pray that they might not lose their hope for the future and their love of life and that somehow they might still feel the deep love that their parents have for them. Jennifer and Clint, your souls are united in love and peace....spread your influence through our world...we need your light and strength. Missing you, dear friends...until we meet again....

Posted by Naomi Whiteley - Gainesville, FL - Friend from GAP   October 14, 2011

I remember the garage door of the playroom opening and happy children spilling out. Jen would stand in the front yard, wearing a baby, and talk to the neighbors. She usually had one major project she was focused on with three others on the back burner and I never doubted she would finish everything. I watched her run her home with awe and admiration.

We miss you, Jen!
Meredith, Chris, Madeleine & Julia

Posted by Meredith Goodrich - Gainesville, FL - Neighbor & friend   October 14, 2011


Dearest Jennifer...The blame was never yours to assume; this consequence should never have been yours to bear. Rest now and be with the one who truly loved you. Without any doubts, I know that you and he will continue to guide, nurture, and love your five precious babies from up above.

I never got the chance to tell you how much I admired your strength, your beauty, your grace and your devotion to your children. I whisper it now and pray that you hear me...I admire you! I admire you! I admire you!

Be at peace,

Posted by M. Knox - Austin, TX   October 13, 2011


I was one of Jen's husband's graduate students at the University of Florida, so only met her a few times. Nevertheless, I felt a connection to her family and followed her facebook updates after Dr. Slatton's passing. I loved reading her statuses about her and her children and it always made me feel like a part of her life when she'd respond to my comments/statuses, as trivial as that may seem. I am very sorry to know of her own passing and will continue to pray for her, her husband, and her family. My deepest condolences go out to her family.

Posted by Carolyn Krekeler - Gainesville, FL - Dr. Slatton's graduate student   October 13, 2011


Jennifer and I met at Westwood High School and reconnected in the last year. We bonded over both of our big families. She was truly an inspiration to me as a mom, a person, and a kindred spirit. She was so full of light, love, strength, grace, and wisdom. I really hope she knew how amazing she was and how loved she was. She is at peace now with Clint watching over those beautiful children of theirs. May light and love surround those children and may they always know the love of their parents and the wonderful people that they were.

Posted by Debbie (Gunn) Mahan - Round Rock, TX - Friend   October 13, 2011

I worked with Clint at UT/CSR in his grad school days. When he told us about Jen he absolutely lit up. We followed his career and the growth of their family. What a beautiful group, inside and out. I reconnected with Jen during Clint's illness, as my husband was also fighting cancer at a very young age. We followed each other's caring bridge and facebook updates. Jen's writings were just so unbelievable...she was definitely a writer. With Clint's passing, I am embarrassed to say, I held back from re-connecting with Jen in person. It was too close to home and just hurt my heart. I watched her new life unfold from a back seat and was stunned at her strength and courage. I loved the tidbits of humor coming from her young children and she grimaced at the tidbits from my teenager and of what was to come for her :O). A caregiver has a special place. I hope jen has found peace and happiness and eternal love. For the children, my heart breaks again. I will forever keep them in my prayers.

Posted by Shauna Pendleton - Austin, TX - friend   October 13, 2011


When Jennifer and I lived in Gainesville together she came to my prenatal yoga classes while she was pregnant. Jennifer glowed from the inside out and the outside in and she embodied the spirit of motherhood as God intended all women to do. May you be surrounded by love and light and may all those whose lives you touched, particularly your children find moments of Grace throughout their lives so they can know you will always be with them.

Posted by Marie Hemming - La Jolla, CA - friend   October 13, 2011

I met Jennifer while waiting for the school bus. I took one look at her, summed her up to be snooty. Funny thing is that she thought the same of me. Luckily, though, neither one of us listened to our inner voice, for it was wrong.

She and I became the closest of friends- at a time when we both needed each other. Although she was only 2 months older than I, she seemed infinitely wiser (and cooler).

I remember once, in great defiance, she had decided to 'run away from home.' We thought it would be so cool to live together. Plus, it didn't hurt that my Mom had no suspicion of anything of the sorts- that is until she saw the behemoth suitcase. It was then that my mom's eyebrows raised & said she couldn't move in with us. Our hopes for endless fun times eroded quickly, and Jen was sent back home.

She and I skipped class together to do what? Well, to have facials, eat popcorn, and watch Sixteen Candles. Jen assured me we wouldn't get caught, "Don't worry, I will write the parent's note." Which I might add, she did a remarkable job at forgery.

I'll never forget her excitement of meeting a 'really fine, older guy' (aka 'more mature') out by her grandma's pool. As you can imagine, this fine guy was Clint. Their courtship went from dating to madly in love within a matter or months. It was at this time, I met my young love too. Jen and I would spend hours gushing over loves.

As for my love, I had his baby and we broke up after her birth. My dear Jennifer and wonderful Clint invited me, baby and all, to move in with them. Mind you, they were both college students and had little funds. Although I didn't take them up on it, it meant the world to me to know that I had true friends in them.

She was the kind of friend that always made you feel as though you were her #1 friend. She always had time to listen, advice to give, and love to pour out. I will always cherish every moment and memory of our talks, life we shared. I love her and miss her so very much--

God Bless the Kids and family!

Posted by Holly Herrin Ulbrich - Houston, TX - Friend   October 13, 2011

Jen and Clint were introduced to me by a friend when Clint was going through his cancer struggle. I immediately felt a connection as a woman with a husband Clint's age and three young children. I followed Jen's blogging on caring bridge about Clint and corresponded. Her tragic death saddens me tremendously. I pray for the children's well being as well as all family and friends who loved them both.

Posted by Kristi - TX   October 13, 2011



I will miss you forever beautiful friend. Be at peace with Clint.
Love, Dianne

Posted by Dianne Caridi - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 12, 2011


My heart goes out to the Slatton and Coleman families in their sorrow upon the death of Jenn. Her time on earth was much too short, but she's left a lasting legacy in her wonderful children and the memories all who knew her hold dearly. She was a wonderful support to Clint in his time of need.

Rest in peace, dear Jenn.

Kathy and Fred Ferris

Posted by Kathy Ferris - Newtown, CT - Acquaintance of Annette & Bill   October 12, 2011

I don't even know you but I was struck by your beauty and grace so evident in the picture. Now, after reading the memories shared by your friends, family, and acquaintances, I see that my instinct was right on target. You were loved, are still loved, and will be greatly missed. I offer my condolences as a perfect stranger, although I feel like, had we known each other, we would have been friends. My prayers are with you, your family, and all of your loved ones.

Posted by CJ    October 12, 2011

I met Jennifer at the serivce for Clint. Her beauty and grace impressed me. She seemed very loving and kin and I know she wil be greatly missed. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

Vickie & Bucky

Posted by Vickie Floyd - Sparta, TN - friend of Bill and Annette   October 12, 2011

My heart breaks for Jen and Clint's children and family. I knew them during Clint's graduate student days at UT/CSR, and my daughter was pregnant at the same time Jen was expecting Emma. Every morning Clint checked in with me to see if our baby had come yet, and it turned into a "race." Very happy memories! They were such a beautiful young couple and such loving parents. It's just really difficult for me to absorb Jen's death. I can't imagine your loss. My prayers are with you always.

Posted by Karen Dailey - Cary, NC - Co-worker of Clint's at UT   October 12, 2011

One of the most wonderful things about my relationship with Jen is that for the past couple years, it was primarily on the phone. So, I will never forget her voice. And when I reflect on our conversations, or reread her emails, I can still hear her with crystal clarity.

I'll never forget my first time meeting Jen. I was sitting alone at a table in the high school cafeteria. My friend Chris Cunningham walked up to my table with this beautiful girl, sat down, and introduced me. She had just transferred to LBJ and it was her first day. Chris was showing her around. She was stunning. I immediately considered her out of my league. I wasn't even going to try. Then when we had a conversation, I immediately got a sense of how personable and easy to talk to she was. Most of the high school girls that were even close to being as pretty as Jen were stand-offish and snobby. She was so down to earth!

I was fortunate to sit next to her in an advanced Physiology and Anatomy course. I was a teenage boy, just trying to make it through a hard class as best I could, with no idea of what I was doing. You would think I would be distracted, paired up with Jen, but I wasn't. She was so smart. Scary smart! She kept us on track. Her focus and enthusiasm kept me focused and interested, and she motivated me to the point where I was becoming as enthusiastic about our project as she was. Years later, in college, I wished on numerous occasions that she were my lab partner again.

I loved her as my dear friend 20 years ago. That never changed. Although, there were years where we couldn't find one another, the past three years have been a gift in that Jen and I were able to renew that important friendship.

Her capacity to love shows with everyone here, writing about how their lives were changed simply by being a part of Jen's life. I will do my best to honor her by living by her example of letting love guide my decisions.

Posted by Jason Baade - Swampscott, MA - Friend   October 12, 2011


Oh Jen how I will miss you...miss our talks...miss your lovely smile and beautiful soul. My heart is broken but the only thing that makes it better is the knowledge that you are again beside the love of your life. I loved Clint and once Clint left .and you came here ...I learned to love you too..I hear your laughter in your friends I speak to, who love you so too..And you will remain part of me forever.

Posted by Ileene Pickett - Austin, TX - Friend   October 12, 2011

So much love to you, Jen, and to all your family members and friends. So many hearts are broken and hurting for the pain that has been and will be endured. May the Great Spirit shine on you and all who know you and give us Peace.

Posted by Linsey Jorn - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 12, 2011

My parents knew Clint and Jennifer, and when Clint was diagnosed with cancer I began praying for him and the family. I joined his CaringBridge group and followed his story till the end. I corresponded with Jennifer via email several times regarding her struggles. I never got the opportunity to meet her in person, but I know that she was an incredible person. I am praying for the children and for all of the family members who are grieving this tragic loss.

Posted by Stacy Curtis - Austin, TX - acquaintance   October 12, 2011


My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children. I only knew Jennifer and Clint and the children after Clint was diagnosed with cancer, when I was a postpartum doula after the birth of Thomas. Jennifer reacted to Clint's illness with such strength, determination and love. Now I know Jennifer is with her beloved Clint again and is no longer in any pain. I wish the children all the best, and they will always know that they had two parents that loved them immensely.

Posted by Michelle Foley - Gainesville, FL - Friend   October 12, 2011


Although I did not know her personally, we connected on FB through a mutual friend, Naomi Sandoval, back when Clint was going through his final stage on earth and I friended Jennifer to offer support. Well, since then I've visited her page numerous times and was always so inspired by her. Her strength, beauty, wisdom and style were remarkable.

Jennifer inspired even those she did not really know, like me. I am in total disbelief and I pray for the well being of her precious treasures that she left here on earth.

Blessings to all,

Posted by Elena A. Ramirez - Pleasant Garden, NC - FB friend   October 12, 2011

I am praying for the beautiful children and extended family.

Jen was such a remarkable woman, one I always looked up to and admired. She was full of wisdom and love. I love you forever, Jen!

Posted by Holly Herrin Ulbrich - Spring, TX - Friend   October 12, 2011


No words can adequately express my sympathies for you, the family, for your loss. You are in my thoughts. Light and love.

Posted by Meghan S - Gainesville, FL   October 12, 2011

Jennifer, was a kind and loving soul. Her kindred spirit was immediately obvious to anyone who met her. She was open to love and welcomed it in graciously! I hope to be that open and willing to let others in to my life one day in the way that she did. Her spirit will carry on in the hearts of her children and they will learn about who she was by talking with all of us who carry part of her with us. May God bless her family and loved ones with his grace and ease their suffering!

Posted by Jennifer Pierson - Gainesville, FL - Friend through parenting group   October 12, 2011


It is with great sadness I write here. Jennifer touched me from the first time I spoke to her on the phone, welcomed me into her home and into Gainesville Attachment Parents (the parenting group she founded here in Gainesville, FL which grew to 100 families). Her charisma, honesty (the woman with the organic kitchen and an occasional compulsion to drive through the Sonic Drive-In all in one day) - her passion for all things related to Attachment Parenting - her writing on the GAP Forum and later on Facebook - her determination when caring for Clint - allowing 20+ Moms and even more children to take over her home on a regular basis - despite her wish to above all keep her house clean - her willingness to help others - her frankness in her daily struggles with her temper, her wish to live up to only the highest ideals - and most of all her love of her children are memories I will carry with me always. Kathy, I believe she entrusted her children to your care for reasons we have yet to fully appreciate - let the love she had continue to flow through your home with William, Emma, Ryan, Jack and Thom. Linda, Bill and Annette - may all of you grandparent these children with joy as both Clint and Jennifer would have wished. This entire family, both by blood and friendship will hopefully, in time, be able to remember the joy, so much joy, that Clint and Jennfer gave us all. I wish healing for all and will remember you in my prayers.

Posted by Laura, John & Kira Joy Chastine - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 12, 2011

Jennifer I saw you being a great mom! Your intent getting your kids into Summitt was the right thing to do showing how good a mom you are. I had hoped for our girls to have a friendship with sleepovers and fun. I will continue to persue Mearra and Emma's friendship because i could see in your eyes how much you wanted Emma to have friends. I just barely knew you yet i looked forward to discussion about the kids adjusting. I miss you as do so many that loved you. I feel sorry that I am still alive yet you deserved to be here longer! It makes me sad to think about what i was doing on the day you passed. I hope your spirit is with your kids!

Posted by Shay Reynolds - Austin, TX - Met 1 time   October 12, 2011

Slatton and Coleman familes,

Please accept my condolences on the loss of a very beautiful, funny, and loving woman. Jen was the epitome of grace and class.

I'll miss you Mama. Thanks for all the great advice you've given me.

Your babes are and will be in my prayers.

Holly Smith

Posted by Holly Smith - Gainesville, FL - friend   October 12, 2011