Condolence & Memory Journal

I still just cannot believe you are gone ! Missing you everyday :(

Posted by Joyce Bartoli - Millsboro, DE - Friend   March 12, 2019

Ted and Lorie were active in Bastrop County's Emergency Technicians service. Going to the scene of accidents sensitized Lorie to how fragile we all are.
Lorie and Ted took up scuba-diving and were certified after lessons at Lake Travis. They treated themselves to a trip Belize just a couple of years ago, and then took Tara there for her high school graduation. They expected to go many more times.
The couple also followed an interest in motorcycling, Lorie delighted in her machine and its artwork, not to mention its speed. The two eventually qualified for membership in Bikers for Abuse Children, a group of motorcyclists focused on assisting abused children. Lorie relished the aid and comfort she was able to provide to a young child. Members in this organization usually have nicknames and Lorie's was Boogy. .
There is a shock in having Lorie's life suddenly cut short, less than three weeks after she & Ted completed classes to qualify as adoptive parents. So many plans abruptly ended. So many shared hopes never to be realized, so many adventures no longer to be shared.
All of us will mourn the loss of Lorie. She had a big heart and a boundless enthusiasm. The person most affected, of course, is Ted, her husband. Now his life partner is absent. It's up to everyone of us to try and lighten his burden, much as Lorie would have done for a friend facing such a loss. Use the example of Lorie's life - loving people she encountered, making them treats, giving them hope, in the coming weeks and months. Such actions will make the world a little better and will be a way to honor Lorie's life.
Jeanne Graves

Posted by Jeanne Graves - Austin, TX - Family   March 04, 2019

As Ted explained, Lorie and he were only 20 when they met as college freshmen at different schools.They promptly fell in love. Many telephone calls and bills later, they happily merged their lives into a married team.
Lorie did all the cooking, Ted said, an activity she enjoyed and excelled at. Her cakes and baking won prizes and her homemade bread was delicious. She also loved to can homegrown veggies such as beans, and, being a Texan, of course she made salsas, hot, medium and mild. Her jams were yummy.
Lorrie and Ted entered into a variety of amazing adventures. Several years ago, annually they would create a Christmas light show with the lights moving and twirling to seasonal music. There were cookies and hot chocolate for all of the visitors. The whole show took place in a big field in McDade, free of charge.
Then Ted's mother, Martha, was stricken with Alzheimer's and the young couple were determined to care for her personally. Lorie was a heroine in my estimation as she fed, bathed and tended Martha, literally for years. Her attention and affection for her dying mother-in-law was admirable and unwavering. It was also long-term, making it even more awesome.
In the middle of caring for Martha, Ted & Lorrie determined they would build their dream house in McDade. Together they purchased a big lot and began to plan. They debated and looked at plans, got an internet do-it-yourself program, and planned some more. They needed a house with a wrap-around porch, they liked a barn-shaped house, it needed plenty of room for their salt-water fish tanks and the rescue dogs. There should be room for fruit trees and a big garden. Lorrie needed a commercial kitchen. It slowly took shape in their minds and, eventually, on their lot.
Just before it was completed, Ted's mother died. Shortly thereafter,Tara, one of their two summer daughters, came to live with Lorie and Ted for her senior high-school year.

Posted by Jeanne Graves - Austin, TX - Family   March 04, 2019

Ted, please accept my heartfelt condolences to you on the passing of Lorie. Her untimely death has left all of us shocked and saddened. I remember meeting Lorie in NJ around 30 years ago when you two were a young couple planning to marry. What struck me about Lorie then was a wonderful smile that just lit up her face and her absolute devotion to you and your future as a couple. I actually remember standing outside on the front walkway, marveling at Lorie's grit and determination to commit her life to you and your own absolute certainty that this was exactly what you wanted. It is rare to see such commitment between two such young people and rarer still to have the privilege of knowing those same people as they spend decades growing, learning, supporting and loving each other. Since then, I have enjoyed listening to my parents' descriptions of time spent with you and Lorie--everything from enjoying the Christmas lights show you and Lorie created, all enjoying a meal together, to helping my mom explore ancestral documents and history. Lorie was loved and admired, and she will be deeply missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Michelle Graves Seelman - Laytonsville, MD - Family   March 02, 2019

Its taken me a wjile to come here to post. I just don't want to think about you being gone. Trout and I were just discussing when we wanted to come visit. We talked about you guys and that we had to make a night to visit yall. You were such a wonderful friend, you will be missed each and every day.

To TC and the family, you have my condolences. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. The world is missing an amazing person, but God couldn't pick a better angel for heaven.

RIP Boogie

Posted by Guppie Lemley - Marshfield, WI - Family Friend   March 01, 2019

Posted by TC Coody - Austin, TX - Spouse   February 27, 2019

Part 2-------Most people don't know this but Lorie has a FBI file, yep, sweet little Lorie. She is listed as a "known member of a BIKER organization. BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse. It is a world wide organization that assists wounded children and helps then progress beyond their events giving them the strength to persevere by becoming a family member of the bikers. Her bike had a Nightmare before Christmas theme and she was know in the biker community as Boogy. She loved little kids and was able to befriend them making them at ease around her. Sometimes she wore a headpiece to keep the hair out of her face, it made us want to rename her to Sister Boogy, she acted like she hatted it but would not have minded, as long as she could help the kids.

In the last year Lorie went back to work and excelled at her job and was liked by many at the office. She also completed her License to Carry class and was able to carry her weapon as she desired, a goal she wanted for years. She and I also started on the journey thru Depelchin to begin the foster/adopt process. This is something we wanted, to bring a child or children into our house and make it a home. She finished the classes the weekend before being admitted to the hospital.

Lorie was called friend by many, she would talk your ear off on things she loved, canning, rabbits, work, she had more friends that she realized.

Posted by TC Coody - Austin, TX - Spouse   February 27, 2019

Lorie loved Scuba diving, boating, riding a motorcycle as well as raising a garden. She was an outdoors person that was full of life love for everyone.

She was willing to give up work for years to stay home and care for my mother, reach out a helping hand to her family as she was able and would give the shirt off her back to help others.

Earlier in life Lorie was on the LBA VFD, she would practice with "the boys" and help fight fire by holding the hose, or dragging a rake. She was the type of person that did not like to hear that she COULD NOT do something, it made her hackles get up and pushed her to succeed. When she wanted to go to EMT school to join the Bastrop County 1st responders, she was told several times that she would not be able to make the class, it would be too tough for her. out of 55 that started the class, 23 finished, she with a 90.1, not only did she complete the class, she passed the state test and became an EMT.

She was an Advanced Open Water diver with Rescue. When I(her husband) was assisting teaching she was "Camp mom" and helper stay on top, making sure there was no issues and helping as she could.

In 2013 we started the design phase of our new home in Mcdade. Construction on our home began months later after going thru so many designs and finally doing them our self. She would look at the plans, make changes and kept wanting a bigger kitchen, She and I fought tooth and nail on some issues, agreed on many. And the house is as she dreamed, and more. She loved this house(except cleaning) and was looking forward to growing old and having friends over.....

end part 1

Posted by TC Coody - Austin, TX   February 27, 2019


My dear sweet Lorie, I have loved you since the day you were born into our family. I miss you but I know that you are up in heaven with your beloved Daddy. My prayers are with the other family members that love you also.

Love you,
Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike

Posted by sue ellis - IOLA, TX - Family   February 27, 2019


You had a kind soul. Your generosity expanded far past yourself, touching the lives of all who knew you. The goodness you spread in the world can never be replaced. Your absence leaves a hole in the hearts of us all.

I pray for the Coody family. Lorie's family includes more than those simply born into it, but also those she accepted into it. May her memory continue to bless your lives, and may you find some comfort in this challenging time.

Posted by Philip Lenharth - Austin, TX - Coworker   February 26, 2019



You will be missed by us all. Your smile and laughter brought sunshine to all us.

Sonia A McMasters

Posted by Sonia McMasters - Round Rock, TX - Friend   February 25, 2019

Ted I am deeply saddened by Lorie's unexpected passing last week. I so enjoyed hearing through my mother about your adventures together over the years, and of course meeting her in person at my parents fiftieth wedding anniversary gala celebration in 2013. Her pioneer spirit will always be remembered.

Posted by John Graves - Olympia, WA - Family   February 25, 2019

You have the kindest heart. You have touched so many lives and you will continue to do so. We were blessed to have you in our lives. May you rest in peace knowing that you made a huge difference. You made us believe that there are people out there who really care. Now that you have shown and taught us how to be kind, let us pass that on to others. TC I am truly sorry that you lost your partner.

Posted by Susan Reynolds - Austin, TX - Coworker   February 25, 2019


Deepest Sympathies TC , Family & Friends ! I am still in shock that this has happened. She was the BEST at whatever she did . She did it all . My most memorable was her getting MC license ❤ She was so very very excited ! Certainly will miss her very much ! Your all in my prayers .

Posted by Joyce Bartoli - Millsboro, DE - Friend   February 25, 2019

Lori you were so nice to me. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, candy and caramel were some of the treats you sent me home with. I remember the day I came home and my wife was eating your caramel by the spoonful watching tv it was so good with the black truffles. You will be missed by a lot of people. I will always remember how kind you were.

Posted by John Redondo - Leander, TX - Friend   February 23, 2019

I still can't believe your gone I am so glad Im friends with you you were one of a kind and will be missed I will cherish the moments that I got to spend with you an the gang may you RIP now my friend

Posted by Shannan Bray - Bastrop, TX - Family Friend   February 22, 2019