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I will always remember my first visit, with Sidney, to Nadine & Bob's house in Georgetown.   We sipped Constant Comment, ate cucumber slices and made plans to see 1971’s very popular movie -- “The Last Picture Show”.  Brother Willie accompanied us, but they wouldn’t admit him to an R rated movie!  We hurried back to the townhouse where Nadine, in her inimitable style, dashed off a note (on the Congressman’s letterhead…) giving Willie her permission to see the film (After all, it was written by her good friend Larry McMurtry!)  We rushed back to the theatre, armed with Nadine’s note and slipped in just in time to get three seats in the front row.  My first brush with political power and a woman that continued to impress me for many years.  RIP, Dear, Dear Nadine and thanks for kicking the door open and paving the way for your sisters. Love, Pam Gates