James Stewart (Jim) Hislop II

  • Born: June 18, 1945
  • Died: September 29, 2018
  • Location: Austin, Texas

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Tribute & Message From The Family

James Stewart (Jim) Hislop II (Age 73), of Austin, TX (formerly of Round Rock), jumped the fence in the wee hours between midnight and dawn, shortly after Closing Time, on September 29, 2018. He hated mornings, and always said nothing good ever happened to him before the crack of noon.

It's impossible to remember Hislop without smiling or laughing hysterically; he was one of the funniest men who ever lived. He adopted this saying from a college buddy he nicknamed The Wizard, and he lived by it: "The most important thing in life is to remain amused." He got that done in spades.

Hislop's business cards carried a variety of descriptions over the years: Trader, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Consultant, Subdivision Project Manager, President of Riata Petroleum Corp, President of Bear Oil Co, and City Manager. Throughout periods of his amusing life, what Jim did for a living was a complete mystery… just the way he liked it. Most descriptive was his calling card that read: Scout/Expediter/Reconnoiterer…"I Can Do Anything But Dance".

His first (and proudly, his last) real job after graduating from Southwest Texas State University in the early 1970s, where he studied urban and regional planning, was that of City Manager of Round Rock, TX (Population 2,811). He was that city's first professional City Manager, the youngest City Manager in the state of Texas, and was dubbed by the local newspaper as "A Mover & Shaker in Blue Jeans". He loved that city, and it loved him back; he made life-long friends there. His vision for how Round Rock could develop and prosper for the betterment of its citizens rang true. Evidence of his concepts and predictions can be seen in Round Rock today, if you know where to look.

He most certainly was a cowboy in a previous life, and his love of the American West (and shopping), lead to more than 45 years of happy trails buying, selling and trading western collectibles, guns of the Old West, cowboy trappings, western memorabilia of all kinds, and the occasional Navajo rug.

Hislop was a man's man, a kid's kid, and women loved him. Your friend was his friend, and if you weren't laughing in his presence, you weren't paying attention. He loved to fish, hunt, entertain, and his love of music ran the gamut from R&B to Opera. He was an excellent cook, a master of the art of grilled meat and game, was known for perfect brisket before perfect brisket was way too cool. He was, by his own admission, a food snob, and would rather skip a meal than eat mediocre.

His repertoire of great stories, jokes, quips and sayings was monumental, and his delivery was unequaled. If Jim was crazy about you, he likely gave you a nickname, maybe two. He loved stylish cars, a good pickup truck, starched shirts and jeans, custom boots, the perfect crease on a hat, and vodka…lots and lots of vodka. Like his father before him, he put a perfect shine on a pair of boots or shoes. He admired well-tooled leather, the well-written word, vintage ranger buckle sets, Maria Teresa Coins, fine cigars, vintage Zippos, and well-mannered kids and dogs.

Born in Modesto, CA on June 18, 1945 to a US Air Force Officer father, James S. (Jim) Hislop, and an incredible, graceful mother, Anna Jane (Toni) Prentiss Hislop, Jim moved with his Air Force family umpteen times before graduating from Cooper High School in Abilene, TX. He also served in the US Air Force, the mandatory stint during the Viet Nam War.

Jim is survived by his wife, who never wanted to change a single thing about him and whom he adored: Kathi A. (Kat) Helmle of Austin; his only brother and best friend: Jeffrey L. Hislop (Esther Ortiz Hislop) of San Antonio; his two beautiful daughters who worshiped him: Casey D. Hislop (Teddy Trotta-Bono) and Jamie L. Moreland (Stephen Moreland), both of Austin; his favorite and only nephews: Matthew P. Hislop of Denver and Zachary James Hislop of New York City; and his precious grandsons who called him "Big": Bodi James Moreland, Scout T. Moreland, and a third one who will likely hit the ground running this December. He was preceded in death by his parents.

Hislop's After Party is October 24, at The Rabb House in Round Rock, 4-7 pm, where he will be bid Adios with "Hip, Hip Hooray" and drinks all around, just as he requested.

In lieu of flowers, consider a contribution in his honor to the scholarship fund of the National Bit, Spur & Saddle Collectors Association (NBSSCA), PO Box 1969, Addison, TX 75001 or @ www.nbssca.org.


Condolence & Memory Journal

My life changed in the summer of 1973 as did the lives of all Round Rock citizens and the citizens to come. A bigger than life cowboy came ridin' into town in his trusty pick up truck to be the first professionally trained city manager for the City of Round Rock. The twinkle in his eye and the smile under that signature mustache said we were in for the ride of a lifetime. Thank you Hislop for coming to Round Rock, for bringing your vision and talents, for being my brother by heart, for bringing Bob-o and Cinnamon to town to help you implement your vision, for always telling the best stories and jokes, for showing all of us how to live life to the fullest, for sharing your two beautiful daughters with us as well as your life partner and special love, Kat, for always standing by your friends no matter what, for never meeting a stranger, for giving great hugs, for loving big red trucks, for loving to wear your starched jeans inside your special boots, for loving red shoes, for loving all things western, for being generous, kind and going the extra mile in whatever you believed in. I am one of the most blessed people in the world because Hislop is my special friend who helped me understand how "things" work and loved me as much as I loved him. Ride High Cowboy until we meet again.

Posted by Joanne Land - Round Rock, TX - Family Friend   October 18, 2018

One of a kind in countless ways, and one of my favorite people of all time!

Posted by Bill Adamson - Kersey, CO - Friend   October 15, 2018

Sorry I never met you Jim; you road up after my days of enjoying friendship with Kathy. According to Kathy, your sister-in-law Dianne and many friends you were one heck of a guy. Ride fast and join all the people waiting to welcome you. Just know that Kathy and your two daughters will be looked after and cared for here on earth.
I think we would have liked each other.
John McCreary
Tyler, Texas

Posted by John McCreary McCreary - TYLER, TX   October 14, 2018

Jim was a loving, caring husband to my sister Kathi. They had the long time romance that every woman dreams about. He will be missed but never forgotten by our family. Happy Trails Until We Meet Again, Dianne Helmle Leander, Texas

Posted by Dianne Helmle - Leander, TX   October 14, 2018

Jim will always be with us - every time that we chuckle at one of his many stories and jokes. He always had the best punch lines! Jim left everyone in good humor. The western collecting world will miss this wonderful man but as said, he'll always be with us. Sincere condolences to Kat and the family. Love to you all. - Peg Schaffer, Garland, TX, Oct. 11, 2018

Posted by peg schaffer - garland, TX - Friend   October 11, 2018

When I too was at SWT in the early '70s in Urban and Regional Planning, Jim was among a group of the first Graduate Students. We undergrads were in awe of them, especially Jim. His sharp wit and opinions were always out there. He seemed more worldly and aware of what was really going on. We were all proud when he became city manager of Round Rock when he was so young. Even though it seems he followed his true passion of all things western, I'm sure he never lost his planning mind. It's been a long time since those days at SWT, but I never forgot Jim Hislop.

Posted by Tim Darilek - New Brsunfels, TX - Classmate   October 10, 2018

Let me first express my sincere condolences to Jim's family for their loss.
I met Jim the Summer of 1974 on Deerfoot Drive in Round Rock. We had just moved in and I was working on putting a yard in and this young man in a cowboy hat and jeans, driving a jeep with a set of longhorns for a hood ornament, stops and says 'Need a beer!". He then proceeded to introduce himself as the Round Rock City Manager and that he lived down the road from me. After a few sips of our beverages, he asked if I saw the need for any improvements in our area. I asked if there was anyway we could get some overhead lamps at our intersection of Burnet and Deerfoot. Jim's immediate response was "Sure" and he take care of it. The next day when I arrived home late in the evening, an overhead lamp was already installed. Our time in Round Rock was marked by many more memorable conversations with Jim. He was true to his word and definitely marched to a different drummer than most! Your spirit rides on with each of us, who were lucky enough to be a part of your life.

Posted by Mel Partee - Lexington, TX - Acquaintance   October 10, 2018

My dear friend Jim we have lost a great Amigo !! I am so sorry for our lost for sure don't have the words to say about you Jim my son James Correa still talks about you telling stories when he was 12 years old on a hunting trip with you and me and he is now 45 Jim you left us with great memories we will always love you and never forget you. Pete Correa.

Posted by Pete correa - Hutto, TX - Friend   October 10, 2018

Mr. Hislop was a great friend to our family. Even though I have not seen him in many years, he has always been a true friend and compadre to all of the members of our family. I remember fondly the times we spent holidays with our families celebrating together. The write up describes him to a tee. Thank you for being a great part of all of our lives. You will be missed. God Blessings to the family.

Posted by Johnny Carter - Round Rock, TX - Family Friend   October 09, 2018


Nope, You aren't gone. Your spirit will be with us forever. We heard many of those wonderful stories and you had a few that made us all laugh again and again, no matter how many times you told it. You were one of Chip's best friends. We're still here but will see you soon. You'll find many friends up there to tell those stories to and you will be missed, so very missed here. We loved you, Jim. God bless you and the wonderful memories you gave us.

Posted by Carol Woolf - Palacios, TX - Friend   October 09, 2018

So sorry for you alls lose , the world lost one of the great story tellers and just an all around great man .I loved him and will think of his stories often ,but I know he is in heaven telling his stories and jokes.

Posted by Brian Brown - Roland, AR - Family Friend   October 09, 2018

Such a beautiful and touching salute to our Hislop. He loved you more than life itself and so do I.

Posted by Sandy Choate - Austin, TX - Sister   October 08, 2018

Hislop, damn you, an obit none of us ever wanted to read but it sure described you to a T! What a great friend you were to both of us, many stories have been shared between the two of us as we both had so many special yet funny and loving times with you. You touched our hearts, heck you touched everyone's heart that was lucky enough to be your friend. You are to be admired for all you accomplished in life despite the ups and downs that were put in front of you. You were blessed with 2 stunningly beautiful daughters that truly shared the love for and from a true daddy and then came your great Kat! Many wonderful memories could be shared about you dear friend, you will live forever in our hearts. Just know that when we are called Home, we will be looking for that tall handsome cowboy with a huge smile on his face with a crowd gathered around listening to your stories. We love you Hislop, gosh how we love you. Until we meet again our friend, know that you blessed us with your love, your laughter, your stories and an amazing friendship. Sam and Debbie Huey

Posted by Sam and Debbie Huey - Temple, TX - Friend   October 08, 2018

What a great write up! Such fun memories! Have missed you both so much. Having back surgery On Oct.16 so I will not be able to attend the celebration, but will send Oscar! Big hugs to you and Jim's daughters! Nancy Robinson

big hugs

Posted by Nancy Robinson - Austin, TX - Friend   October 08, 2018

I Loved this Man!! ...All the cowboy shows just got a lot less interesting...Cheers Jim!!... Thank You for all the Beautiful Horns over last 25 years... & more important, ThXX for the laughs & your always honest perspective on Life!!...
be thinking of You Brother everytime I see Some Longhorns hanging on wall!! R.I.P.

Posted by Doug Bihlmaier - Darien, CT - Friend   October 08, 2018

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Jim will always be with us - every time that we chuckle at one of his many stories and jokes. He always had the best punch lines! Jim left everyone in good humor. The western collecting world will miss this wonderful man but as said, he'll always be with us. Sincere condolences to Kat and the family. Love to you all. - Peg Schaffer, Garland, TX, Oct. 11, 2018